Esther Acebo’s Net Worth, Age, Family, and Boyfriend are all Unknown

The Character That Awes Us All

Famously her fictional character is known as Monica Gaztambide. Otherwise also known as Stockholm. In the series, which gained a lot of prominence she was working as the secretary of the royal mint in Spain until she was suddenly taken hostage by the robbers. Then on she went in love with Denver, who afterward looked for her care when she was hiding in a vault. Did you recall who she is!

Who is she in real life?

She is none other than, Esther Acebo. Born in Madrid, Spain. She was born on the 19th of January in the year 1983 she is a Spanish actress, also present, and a great reporter. In the incipient years of her studies, she went for physical activity and sports sciences at the University of Castilla la Mancha. It was only after she got an opportunity to come to a children’s program called the cosmic club in which she came as a host. After that, she did a lot of different things and begin her next work in the film called non-stop people which was telecasted on the channel movie Star plus, here too she acted as a host.

She Became Serious in Her Career

This subtle escalation in her career made her move in the direction of acting, cinema, theatre which she, later on, took earnestly.

Then she continued to work as an actress and made her first view on national television with a show called Angel o demonio. Put on mate second 2017 the day when money heist premiered, Chic and the prominence with very few people at such a young age cat. She was one of the main characters in that series.

In the year 2019, she started the show, or film called an Antes de perder.

Not much is known about her family life about her marriage or about children because she’s enigmatic and she keeps all these things very secretive and does not come out openly to disclose these things officially.

Her Net Worth Vacillates

Different sources tell a different stories about her net worth, how much she has in her coffers. According to, her net worth is pegged around $12 million $13 million

According to which is also a website to tell about how much actresses and actors awards of her net worth are pegged around US$1.5 million according to another source her net worth respect around US$3 million and according to her net worth of Spectron is US$2 million.

As we all know These are no official estimates so we cannot strongly say that it is a net worth but still a rough estimate can be taken we can say that she has around one and half million to 10, million US$ as net worth.

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