Diana Gomez: Remember Tatiana From Money Heist? Here’s How Much Wealth She Posses!

Her Early Life, and Real Personality

Her full name is Diana Gomez Raich. Fans knew her as Tatania from the famous show Money Heist. She was born on 7 March 1989. Born in Igualada, In Catalonia.

 From childhood, she has been Set an about your interests such as fond of dancing, tap dancing and greets Jazz music. She also has the experience, In the field of background theatre, cinema, background Amelioration, and other theatre-related activities. It was in the year 2006, that she took as a background actress in Salvador.

She has also been playing a role historical role in drama series called La Via Augusta, Which was broadcast on TV3.

She has also played great and prominent roles in El Secreto De Puente Viejo. The show was broadcast on antenna three and she has also worked in El Crac, which was telecast it on TV3.

She is a Spanish actress and a model, Who is known for a great role in the film industry.

Fans love her a lot!

Diana has millions and millions of fans following a cross country across Society across religion across race, and the law just expounds itself with time.

She charges a salary of US$30,000 for an episode by profession and she is a professional actor.

Not much is known about her personal life and family if you talk about Diana‘s boyfriend she is currently single as per different estimates and not dating anyone. But it is quite early known She wanted to be a dancer and then she trained herself in jazz music and tap dancing.

By food habit she is non-vegetarian by religion she is a Christian her hobbies are traveling in shopping.

She is 5‘2“ tall hair color auburn, and how it is around 49 kg which is good for an actress.

What is her net worth? Let’s find out!

If you talk about her net worth, for this Spanish actress, a website named Oprice, says that it is around US$2.5 million.

According to a website call Vicky biography Diana’s net worth is around US$1 million.

Website called the ancestry Diana’s net worth is around US$2 million.

The website named as HAQ express Diana’s net worth is around two million US dollars .

If you get all these reports he can come to a conclusion that Diana’s overall network can range between one million US dollars to two million US dollars which is still Great amount to live a very great life as an actress like Diana

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