A German Journalist, That Is the Voice of Her Country!

Early life

Her full name is Dagmar Rosenfeld. She was born in the year 1974 in Cologne, which is the largest city of Germany’s most populous state, that state being North-Rhine Westphalia. She was married to Christian Lindner, Who is a very powerful person in Germany as he is the current finance minister.

They both have been married In the year 2011 Till the year 2020 after that nothing is known properly about the couple full stop

Career and Family 

Dagmar, Graduated from Liefrauenschule Koln. After that, she went on to study at the University of Cologne in the major domain of the German language and deep history. She has also volunteered at the Dar Tgesspiegal, Which is a German daily newspaper. And after that, she works there as an editor in the department of the economy.

Then on she took the tough position as editor in the Department of politics, And then it was there that she was responsible for page two, which indeed is a strong responsibility. It was in the year 2019 that Dagmar moved from the place where she was working to the capital office. It was here at the capital office that she wrote for the Department of politics again.

Dagmar also has a sibling, in the form of a sister. Her sister is also a writer, her name is Astrid Rosenfeld. Again her life as most of the German professionals is kept in a secretive manner. Not much is known about her personality and life. According to a famous website named project topics, her network is in the range between one million US dollars to five million US dollars but these reports are not official so we cannot champion them.

She has her own page on Wikipedia which is an important marker of social success.

She is also active on her Twitter handle.

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