Did Your Know Bremmer Is Worth a Million!

Many do not know him, but he played a very important role in one of us loved and mostly adored movies the Harry Potter. His name is Richard Bremmer, Born on the 27th of January in the year 1953 in the city called Warwickshire in England.

Richard first began his career in a very short film named couples and robbers before he started his career in full-length films.

The next film which was a full-length film was named the girl with brains in her feet.

But it was only from his character as Lord VOLDEMORT, in the film Harry Potter and the philosopher ‘s stone made he very famous. Though his face is not shown in the movie of Harry Potter, the way his character has been represented still makes a deep impression on all who saw that picture during their childhood.

It was after that he came forward in great projects such as a Midsummer nights dream, Julius Ceaser, Kings Lear, Macbeth, Mr. Tanna, in the heart of the sea, control, Shanghai nights, just visiting, returned to shield lands, Dunkirk, and many more projects.

Richards height is 6‘3“tall which only a few are blessed with.

Not much is known about Richard as he is a secretive guy, of enigmatic nature, as he has not revealed a lot about him in the public domain due to issues of private data confidentiality.

Yet according to some rough estimates, his net worth has been pegged in the range between one million US dollars to five million US dollars.

His net worth is at $1 Million to $5 Million.

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