The Catholic Romanticism of Michael McCaul

What we support, and what we are averse to, is hugely determined by the religious creeds that have been deeply ingrained in our bosoms, in our childhood. Similar pattern could be found in this forerunner of upfront politics in the U.S. House of Representatives, named Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas.

Personal and Career Life

Currently serving as a politician, and a professional attorney by occupation, McCaul’s life has been heavily driven by upfront work, where he believes in the idea of “just do it”. He does not believe in the concept of beating around the bush, and is highly critical of such duality of human mind, thought as well as action. Many say that it’s due to the creeds of religion that he follows that has led to the development of such an upfront and sturdy personality.

McCaul follows the Roman Catholic religion. Let us hence have a look as to what this religion posits, and how it has affected the way McCaul deals with issues in his professional political life.

Roman Catholics and the Creeds

Christianity as a religion has been followed by billions of populations around the world, but it was the catholic sect which is one among the earliest one to be segregated. It has been kept aloof for too long. The basal and imperative creeds of this sect are as follows.

  •   To have firm belief in the objective presence of God.
  •   God’s keen interest in the welfare of human beings.
  •   Human beings can enter into a relationship with God through good deeds, prayers and petition.
  •   The trinity, which is the immortality of soul, the divinity of the ultimate god, and the existence of something like the Judgment day, which would be a day of purification and all forms of retribution

These creeds indeed have shaped the course in which McCaul takes the discourse of American Politics, and the strong upfront issues that he takes, fearing no retribution for the welfare that he does to the people of his community, and the larger society as a whole.

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