Did You Know Mark Dayton Married Thrice! Read To Know More

Known by many names such as Governor Dayton, or simply Mark, by many. He comes from a humble background, which is respected by many. Born in the state of Minneapolis, where he has been raised in a place by the name Long lake, where still his father lives and enjoys life.

Early life and Career

Mark Dayton has attended the Long Lake Elementary School and the Blake School in Hopkins. He keenly loved to play hockey, and at one point in time, it was his childhood dream to be the sterling player for the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. His dream was indeed formidable. But he failed, but this failure did not let him downsize in life but indeed motivated him to do more. Later, he graduated from Yale University and then started his career in politics, of whose success we all are aware of now.

Marriage, Family, and the Vicissitudes in his life.

First married to Alida Rockefeller Messinger, an American Philanthropist, and who is also the younger daughter of John Davison Rockefeller the third, in the year 1978, had two children together, named Eric Dayton, who is currently the founder and the CEO of Askov Finlayson, and other small allied businesses. The second child is Andrew Dayton, who by profession is a philanthropist and the co-founder of North Corp. But this first marriage ended in the year 1986, which started the first Faultline in his life.

Mark Dayton

Then he remained single for one whole decade, that is from 1986 to 1996, and then he went forward to his second marriage, that with a woman named Janice Haarstick. But this marriage too had to face familial resistance, and then the marriage ended in the year 1999.

Then he married his third and current wife, her name is Ana Dayton, no much is known about her.

But in total, Mark has two children, and both from his first marriage. This reflects that not necessary, a man can be perfect, and also that success sometimes comes at the toll of familial life.

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