Work-Life Balance Is a Myth! Meet Delaney, a House Representative Who Breaks All kind of Myths!

Changing Dynamics of the World

It is true, that the highly complex society in which we live in does take a huge toll on our lives, and a formidable amount of people live under the hazardous tyranny of the “or”, and are incapable to adore the sterling capacity of “and”. They usually complain of the emotional distress they go through when they try to balance things out, and out of compulsion create a story of incapability of such possibility. But it is the world that shows us great examples every time we think in erroneous ways.

Meet John Delaney, an industrious American attorney, businessman, and politician who has been successful in all the three domains as listed above. Still this man, who is so busy, would seem to many as a highly engaged kind of man, who is busy in the proceeding of court, or the passage of the U.S. House of Representatives, or engaged in the dealings of his multifarious business establishments. But such a case is not true, Delaney indeed has an adorable and great family life, where he shares all the bliss of life effectively, without jeopardizing the balance.

Personal Life and Marriage 

John Delaney is married to the beautiful and glorious, April Delaney. She too is a great success in her own domain of business. Where she tries to build a better tomorrow through her corporate offerings. John Delaney and April Delaney have a total of four daughters, which they like to call the joy of their life. These four are Summer, Brooke, Lilly and Grace. They all spend a great time in Idaho, and are Catholics, and also have few pets with which they play a lot. Their family reflects the ideal model of what would be called reflective, caring and graceful. Thus the Delaney’s set an example as to how is the balance actually established and maintained for sustained, and successful familial happiness.

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