Know About Joe Manchin Religion

“The demands, needs, and responsibilities to your fellow human beings … you cannot do these without a faith-based in God.”

In countries like the USA, which purports itself as the bearer of liberty and the land of the free, basing governmental laws on religion might seem iffy sometimes, if not hypocritical. There are particular unique ideological creatures known as “pro-life Democrats.” They were almost always members of a rare breed known as “blue-dog Democrats.” One cannot deny the significant role one’s religion might play in their decisions, especially when issues of faith and morality arise in government policymaking. This leads us to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s religion, a devout Roman Catholic. 

Joe Manchin Religion

 Despite his complicated position, he is a self-proclaimed moderate conservative Democrat, who Democrats for Life have also supported. He is a holdover when being a Democrat and a religious conservative was acceptable and considered normal. It is easy to envision his strain from the Democratic establishment. Yes, one cannot understate the role of Joe Manchin’s religion in his public career, particularly those concerning Religious Rights and the value of human life. As he says, “I was raised with an awful lot of faith in God.” However, he stressed that the denomination or religion is immaterial. He takes his religion seriously, as evidenced by his actions.

He was born in an Italian-American family and grew up with five children. They were motivated by John F. Kennedy’s election as the country’s first Catholic president. Only Manchin, one of 14 Catholic Democrats in the Senate, opposes abortion.

That’s a fascinating narrative on its own: Joe Manchin, the swing vote in a 50-50 senate, is the most conservative Democrat and holds the most solitary and powerful seat in Congress. Let us know “How do you think Joe Manchin’s religion has affected his politics?”

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