“No Wall McCaul” Is What He Is Called by His Peers, Read To Know Why!

Early life and education

Born in the state of Dallas, he son of Frances Jane(mother) and James McCaul(father). Michael McCaul has English, Irish, and Germanic ancestry. He has graduated from the Jesuit School in Dallas. He has also earned a Bachelor of Arts in history and annals from San Antonio’s Trinity University in the year 1984. And then went on to receive a Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University. Michael McCaul has also finished a Senior Executive Fellowship Program from the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, which has indeed given him cutting edge experience on how governance and appropriate mechanism are made.

Why received the tag of “No Wall McCaul”?

There is public discourse that revolves around the cause of issues related to immigration issue at the borders of U.S. and Mexico. America is indeed a dream country for many to put their legs into and to harvest the golden opportunity to live what is called American Dream. But this has led to migrant crisis, wherein illegal intrusion is faced by the police and officials at the border. One section of political will calls for a large border or wall on the borders, while the other calls for no wall contention. Michael McCaul is highly critical of the former, and vociferously champions for the cause of the latter in the U.S. house of representatives.

Family Members

Michael McCaul is married beautifully to Linda McCaul. She also works in the domain of social service, and their marriage is kept aloof from vacillating experiences of politics. Both have 5 children together Caroline McCaul, Jewell McCaul, Lauren McCaul, Michael McCaul, Avery McCaul. They all live an amicable life, full of amity.

List of politico-administrative achievements

Michael McCaul, has a large panoply of great goals being achieved, that have larger implications for the society and the community around. And most of these come in terms of the acts which were passed, in which McCaul’s contribution was indeed decisive. The acts related to Cybersecurity, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Prevention of Immerging threats, Blue campaign authorization act, Narcotics trafficking, Securing America’s Future, Transmigration programs.

Experienced leadership

It is prior to congress that, Michael McCaul served in the arena of Counter Terrorism, and National Security in the U.S.A.

He also has in depth and appropriate hands on experience in the U.S. Attorney Office in Texas, where he has led the joint terrorism task force to eradicate the issue effectively.

Goals and ideologies

He has spent his entire life in championing for the rights of whole of America and its imperative citizens. For him very imperative is the idea to win the cause of the marginalized. And eradicate in all forms the issues of domestic terrorism, human trafficking, eliminate the drug misuse among Americans, and also maintain a world order that reverberates free order and human rights more. In all he is driven by the main drive to put the cause of his homeland or country first, than anything else in his list of priorities in his professional political life.

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