From Boarding School to Harvard, Meet Jim Cooper

Full name James Hayes Shofner Cooper. Born on June 19, in the year 1954. Born in Nashville, and raised in Shelbyville, in the state of Tennessee. He is the son of the former Governor, whose name was Prentice Cooper, who was known for his grit and passion, and his wife Powell Hortense. Even his grandfather in his own years of life has served as mayor of Shelbyville, and as the prominent speaker of the Tennessee house of representatives. Thus, all this reflects that Jim Cooper’s background has been greatly a political one and that his chance at politics was nothing more than a lineage forwarding decision.

Early life and Education

It is indeed known to very few that Jim Cooper in his childhood has experienced the shades of boy’s boarding school, in the Groton School in Groton, which is situated in the smallest state in the U.S.A. that is Massachusetts. Later, he went to the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. From where he received his Bachelor of arts degree in history and economics major. Thus, starting his career effectively. He was a studious young man back then, and his hard work paid off when he received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the industrious Oxford, from where is got his BA/MA in the field of Philosophy, politics, and economics, in the year of 1977. His interest in education further continued and did not dwindle, when he went on to get his Jurist Degree from the yet again industrious, Harvard Law School. Not his alma matter was indeed filled with all that had needed him to become a great man in his life.

Career and Implications 

In the incipient years of his career, he worked at the law firm called Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis, which was situated in Nashville. But being from a long political background, this was not something that greatly infused greatness in his life. Thus, he took a great decision to stall all legal practice at the firm, and move ahead to run for congress, which he eventually did in the year 1982.

Success and Failure

When he ran for the first congressional election he won the same standing year, 1982. The year boosted his morale and led him to dive deep in. his esteem was heavily boasted, and he went down to move ahead more aggressively.

It was in the year, 1994, that he boasted Jim Cooper ran for the U.S. Senate elections, but sadly, he was not elected. This led him to relook at his philosophy of life.

But then he tried his luck in the U.S. House of Representatives. And from the year 2002, he has been the only winning candidate from that seat. This success reflects, how a great man can take two steps back from a failure and jump ahead three steps to win the large fish. It is truly this what the elections of Jim Cooper reflected.

Family and Marriage

Jim has been married to Martha Bryan Hayes, in the year 1985, and has been living a great life since then. They both have a total of 3 children, their names are Mary Cooper, James Cooper, and Hayes Cooper. He also has a sibling named, John Cooper.

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