Ann Wagner – A Lady With Strong Determination

Ann Louise Wagner was born on 13 september 1962, she is an American politician and diplomat serving as the US representative for Missouri’s 2nd congressional district in 2013. She is also known as Ann Wagner. She was affiliated to the Republican party and also the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg from the year 2005 – 2009. She grew up in Saint Louis. Her parents owned two carpet stores where she was growing up.She went to Cor Jesu Academy in South country, a private Catholic girls school .She ran for congress and won because she felt compelled to serve Missouri and her community. She has been a conservative crusader for Christian family values in Congress. She continues to be a strong voice for the voiceless in the face of the radical Left’s and Planned Parenthood’s attacks on life.

ann wagner in red suit

Initial Stage of Her Political Career 

Wagner came into politics in 1990 by joining the Republican Party, during Missouri’s decennial redistricting, she was in charge of the GOP’s efforts. 

In the year 1999 wagner was elected as the chair of missouri Republican party while on 20 February 2005  Wagner was again elected as chair of the missouri Republican party, and this was her 4th term .

Ann Wagner and Her Personal Life 

Ray Wagner Jr., a former Missouri Director of Revenue and Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, is Ann Wagner’s husband. Ballwin, a western suburb of St. Louis, is where they call home. Their family consists of three members- Two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren.

Loretto Wagner, an anti-abortion campaigner, was Ann’s mother-in-law.

Conclusion of the Context

Ann Wagner was a fighter and she always valued the hard work of her parents while growing up. She is the perfect example of a lady who is highly dedicated towards her society and has a strong will to serve for Missouri .

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