Iron Man 4 Confirmation: Will Robert Downey Returning Back?

The year 2019 was the biggest year for the fans of Marvel as this was the year their most awaited movie, Marvel Avengers: Endgame was going to be released. All the excitement was pretty justifiable to the fact that the movie grossed one of the highest in the world in just a few months of the release. Marvel Franchise has acquired worldwide love and appreciation since the starting and Avengers: Endgame is pretty much an example of it. While the movie grossed more than $2.5 Billion Dollar worldwide, fans have lost their much precious character on it. After the movie premiere, we saw a bunch of our favorite characters leaving their roles and one of them is Iron Man. 

Iron Man, who is one of the popular and most beloved characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lost his life during the ending scheme. The need for the series left the fans shocked and emotional because that’s not how things have to go. Robert Downey Junior, who played the role of Iron Man for a decade, has also revealed his feelings regarding the end of the character. So far, the actor has played the Iron Man role for more than 10 MCU films. Out of those 3 were supposed to be the individual films. 

MCU has started to put the individual story of their superhero for a while now. Out of those, Iron Man is one of the popular films and has received three sequels from now on. After the end of the series, we were confirmed that there won’t be any iron man in the MCU Franchise.

As the news was heartbreaking for most of the fans, we came to know about Iron Man 4. Will Marvel still premiere Iron Man 4? Is there any possibility for the superhero to make a big return in the upcoming films? If you are someone who is crazy about Marvel Films and have been eyeing the upcoming events of Marvel entertainment and also your favorite superhero is Iron Man then we are here for you.

In this article, we’ll be talking about Iron Man 4 and the possibility of it returning to the Screen. Read this article till the end to find out everything about it. 

Iron Man: Everything You Need To Know

Iron Man 4 confirmed

Before going into the many details about the fourth sequel of Iron Man and the details regarding the show, we’re here to tell you everything about the movie. For anyone who is completely new to this movie franchise and hasn’t seen it, this article will help you.

Iron Man is one of the popular characters of MCU that is inspired by Marvel comics written by the legendary Stan Lee. The character first appeared in Tales of Suspense which was covered in the marvel Comics for 1963 and in MCU in 2008 when his individual movie named Iron Man was released. 

Marvel Entertainment released Iron Man in 2008 for the first time and the movie gets insanely hot song the people. Soon after that, the show makers decided to move the series further, extending the number of movies to two. In the year 2010, Iron man 2 was released, centering Iron man as the main lead. It took 3 years for marvel to release the third part f the series. In 2013, the studio released the third sequel of the movie. 

In between, numerous movies have been released by the Entertainment and it became a massive hit. In 2019, Marvel released its final movie, Marvel Avenger: Endgame and it’s insanely got a blockbuster hit. 

Iron Man 4: Is it Confirmed?

Iron Man 4

Marvel Cinematic universe is responsible for all those Amazing marvel’s Superhero films. Over the decades, tons of movies and series have been renewed and released by the studio. No doubt, Iron Man has become one of the most notable characters of the franchise and even has his own three individual films. Anyone who has watched all these movies will know how emotional the Avengers: Endgame was. “I love You 3000” is now becoming one of o the most dedicated and loving proposals for couples after the movie. 

The last Avengers movie left our eyes tearful and heart warm, but is it the end? It is rumored that Iron Man is returning back with its fourth sequel. 

Now, we have seen the heartbreaking demise of the superhero in the end game. Not only did Iron Man but Black Widow, Tony Stark, Loki, and Vision were seen in the early demise. 

As a matter of fact, Loki And Vision have already got their respective series which are already released this year. Both the superheroes have individual series that focus after the time of Avengers: Endgame happens. 

Black Widow, who was already dead in the last movie, also got the individual movies that are named after the superhero herself. As a matter of fact, the fans are hoping that this might be a song for another Iron Man movie. 

So far, the officials are far away to confirm anything regarding the movie, There have already been online speculations that confirmed the movie is under production. However, the officials have never confirmed anything regarding it. On the other hand, the fans have been already requesting the fourth sequel. Since the demand is so huge, the officials will definitely take note of that. 

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Iron Man 4: When is it going to be Released?

Iron Man 4 announced

So far, none of the officials have made any official announcement regarding the movie. The rumor regarding the fourth part of the movie is already been up on the internet for such a long time. If there will be the fourth part of the movie, it is definitely going to be a big statement hit for the MCU itself. 

“You would’ve already had Iron Man 4 if it was any other studio,” McFeely said in 2019. “But they decided, No, we’re going to take chances on all these other things. To put a flag in the ground and say, “We’re going to end something and take characters off the table, is, I think, kind of daring, but selfishly it was really great for us.”

But in 2015, Robert Downey Jr had an interview with the popular TV show host Ellen Degeneres and upon asking whether there will be another chapter of his movie series, he said “Yes”. 

As a matter of time, it’s already been 6 years since the announcement and 2 years since the viewers have seen their superhero for the last time. 

Since many websites argued on this topic and put their readers to believe that the movie is confirmed, I highly doubt it.

Moreover, one can easily get fooled and fall into the trap that there is indeed a movie in the production.  I’ll ask you to wait for some news to get everything confirmed. Once the official confirmed the production of the movie, I’ll make sure to update you as soon as possible. 

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Iron Man 4: Will Robert Downey Jr. Return Back As Iron Man?

This is such an arguable question. Since the superhero has already died and his demise has already followed the end of the Iron Man Franchise, he is unlikely to return back. On the other hand, there is already speculation that Tony’s daughter might become another Iron Man since her daughter was such an important part of her life. The ending statement where Tony tells her daughter “I Love You 3000” has already left the fans emotional. 

Personally, I don’t think that Tony Stark will be back. For the actor himself, Robert Downey Jr has already said his final bid to the characters. 

There is no possibility for the character to return back since he is already dead. On the other hand, Marvel would never spoil their endings by treating Robert again as Tony Stark. The entertainment company never really does things for the money. Personally, I think that if there will be another part of the movie, it will be focusing on the life of Pe[per and their daughter. We might see the glimpse of Robert through the flashbacks or through any kind of Robert’s memory, but he will not return as a character. 

If marvel put RDJ technology then there is a possibility for the character to return back. It will take much time and the story doesn’t go right if that happens. Fans might be hoping for the character to get back on the Movie but Forever is a lie and we have to face the reality one day.

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Is there any Official Trailer to Watch?

The officials have neither confirmed the Iron Man 4 nor there is any official trailer to look for, If everything goes right, we might see the character return. But there are surely some fan edits that you won’t mind looking for. No doubt the fans are seriously hoping for another part of the movie. The upcoming movie, if it is ever released, will feature The Iron Man daughter but this isn’t a chance for now. Have you watched this trailer? Comment down your reaction regarding this. 

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