Selena + Chef Season 4: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Selena Gomez is one of the popular Hollywood celebrities and a worldwide crush for a long time. It’s been quite a tough journey for the artist over the past few years and so do her fans too. But in recent years, the singer was so positive and inspirational for all the audience and especially for her fans. After the celebrity released her own makeup brand by the name of Rare and now the cookery shows are named as Selena + Chef. last month, the showrunners have finished the third season and now there are wondering whether or not Selena + Chef  Season 4 will premiere?

There are a lot of things to watch for the fans. Since there are no concerts and albums, there is a cookery show for you! 

While they might be funny to most of the people but no for the fans of the star. It’s been quite a time since the cooking show started. Upon its release, the celebrity said that this show is and was made especially for the donation purpose and all the money will be given out in the donation. Since it’s been three seasons since the show was officially released and until now, the show has reportedly given enough money. 

Talking about the series, the cooking show received positive feedback from the audience and the people. Since the fanbase of Selena Gomez is already massive and the afns have always been supportive for their star for a long time, we have already expected that there will be more things to come. 

In this article, let’s take a quick look at the future of the series and inform you guys whether or not the show is coming with another season or not. 

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Selena + Chef Season 4 Confirmed By Selene Gomez

Selena + Chef Season 4

The cookery show is finally returning back. It’s been officially confirmed that the pop celebrity is coming back with her own show and will be releasing the fourth season super soon. 

As the official news confirmed, fabs were super excited to hear about it. It was quite early since the show stated this renewal news. The third season has recently ended and as it happens, there have already been a lot of memories that were struck with the show. 

No one expected HBO Max to renew the series this early but since the pop singer already has a huge fan base and it becomes important for them to come up with another season. 

The fourth installment of this cooking show is soon going to be produced. Selena Gomez has recently spoke to the deadline and she told that she was super excited for the show to happen.

Selena Gomez said that she is excited to continue to explore her cooking skills for the upcoming show. The singer also revealed that the next season is going to be great since she has learned some new skills. The enormous fan following of the celebrity is speculating for the upcoming show and as the confirmation already came, they want to explore more details regarding it. 

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When will Selena + Chef Season 4 be Premiered? 

Selena + Chef Season 4 Updates

The first season of the cooking series was aired on 13 August 2020. The first and the foremost show came out with 10 episodes and all the episodes were loved by the audience. The pop singer officially announced her cooking series to her fans through her social media. 

As Selena is already trying out her interest and we have seen her being getting more into her interest and exploring it, cooking was one of the priority lists. More of that, it’s been 1 year since the show was officially aired and since then the show has progressed with three seasons. 

The upcoming season 4 is officially announced and the release date is one of the most asked questions. 

The fans of the cooking show are wondering when they are going to watch the show. So far, there have been no updates regarding the premiere date of the show. The officials have not yet been informed regarding any scheduling for the date. 

But as we have seen that the speedy release of the season was already up there and HBO Max has been super committed to this cookery show. It is confirmed to release in 2022. 

As per our knowledge, Selena + Chef Season 4 will be confirmed to release in the starting month of 2022. 

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What will be Selena + Chef Season 4 About?

Selena + Chef Season 4

Selena + Chef deals with the cooking and starts the show with Selena Gomez. The pop singer is playing the role of the host and invites various people over to her kitchen. It is more like a fun chit-chat shop and has bits of fun to entertain the audience. 

So far, we have seen numerous guests in the show. The fans are hoping that the next season will bring back some of the celebrities like Taylor Swift. Since the friendship of Selna and Taylor is famous and her cooking show is just launched, it would be fun if the viewers can see these two on the show again.

Other than that, Deadline has reported that the showrunners are changing the theme of the upcoming seasons. For the past episodes, we saw that everything was set under the kitchen and things look too compact. 

The new theme will make the viewer’s eyes blessed as everything will look summery. According to the report, Selena + Chef will be set near a beach. To give everything a more summery vibe, we will see the kitchen set up around the beach or under a beautiful hut. 

Moreover, the show will still explore the cooking skills of the singer and the new seasons will make them try new dishes. The Producer of the series interviewed and talked  “The beach vibes will absolutely take it to the next level, and we can’t wait to see what recipes Selena and the chefs cook up next,

Regarding the charity, the show has gained around $400,000 dollars which are donated among 26 NGOs.

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