Attack On Titan Season 5 Confirmed Updates: Will There Be a Spin-Off?

Fans are demanding for Attack on Titan Season 5

Attack on Titan would remain one of the prominent series in the world of anime. Anyone who has watched the anime series can truly tell the craze over the series since the day of its release. Attack on Titan came out as a classic anime series in 2013 and the year is named after the release of the show. Since then, the creators have offered four seasons back to back and now they have been wondering about the fifth part. 

As a matter of fact, Fans of the anime series have been dying to hear whether Attack on titan Season 5 is a thing or not? As the show makers have already released the fourth installment of this anime series, fans are wanting the fifth chapter to come out as soon as possible. 

Based on the manga series that is written by Hajime Isayama, the show has maintained the overall adoption quite nicely. After the rumors surfaced about the possibility of a fifth installment, it took a few seconds for this huge fandom to come out and search for it. This led to the popular anime site Crunchyrool to shut down.

Being a Dark Fantasy anime series it is pretty obvious that fans would fall for it no matter what it serves. But as the show began to primered, it turned out nothing but brilliance. The visuals, characters and the soundtrack is quite amazing. The show’s admirers loved the plot of the series and how it turns every time. 

After the release, Attack on Titan came out as the greatest series and served all humankind. The worldwide popularity of the show is still unbelievable. Aot has acquired the true fanbase and it won’t be a big question if the Season 5 release makes the series profitable. 

As the fans have been gripping over the fifth installment, we are here to talk about it. In this article, we’ll be talking about the possibility of Attack on Titan Season 5. 

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Attack on Titan Season 5: Can we Expect Another Season?

Recently, Attack on Titan released its fourth season. The fans have expected the series to be as amazing as it turned out. It was truly a treat from the officials and the series served the greatest fans. 

Since the craze and talks are still going around about how great Season 4 was, there has been a constant discussion about the fifth part. It is pretty obvious with this huge fanbase to ponder the question about their favorite series. 

Moreover, the demand for the series’ next chapter has been over the audience so much that it led the popular anime streaming service to cars down. Yes! Crunchyroll crashed after the rumors spread regarding the renewal of Season 5. 

All the fans took the chance to watch how the first season actually looks like. The sudden urge to catch the premiere of the first season was so much into the viewers that it led the site to crash down shortly after a few minutes. 

The fourth and the last season of the anime was regarded as the final season. The title of the series was Attack on titan: Final Season and it was pretty obvious that since this is the last chapter of the series, there won’t be any possibility. 

But the viewers are not really fond of the ending of AoT. It turned out that there have been huge expectations from the fans and this has made them question the upcoming season. 

Moreover, since the show was this popular, no one wants it to end at all. 

There are no official statements regarding the future of the series. Fans have to accept the fact that there won’t be any Attack on Titan Season 5. 

The fourth season was the final and the last season that we watched. The last finale season was officially wrapped off and no one talked about the continuation. 

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Attack on Titan Season 5: Is it Cancelled?

Attack on Titan Season 5

The anime was amazing and since there are already a lot of fans, it was shocking for them to see their favorite show end this year. Being a popular series, Attack on Titan has fewer seasons and this kills the audience. The show has been running since 2013 and as the fourth chapter came out, it was quite heartbreaking for the fans to watch their favorite characters leave. 

Many audiences might not be aware of the fact but the starting three part of the series was handled by different studios and the fourth season was handled by a different one. We have already witnessed that these shifts in the studio led to the popularity of any anime fall. It has been seen multiple times that the audience are not really fond of these changes at all.

It was also said that the anime has rarely been in the manga. Throughout the story is completely according to the author, but the writers have tried to take it as a reference and follow only 2 to 3 chapters along with it. 

Furthermore, AoT has finally wrapped the story and this led the viewers to wonder with nothing. It might be disappointing to the fans since the popular anime originally goes with more seasons than the AoT officially goes. 

The officials have finally ended the chapters and shut the book. This concludes that there is nothing holding up in front of the viewers. 

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Attack on Titan Spin-off Updates

Attack on Titan Season 5 updates

Lately many series are getting their spin-off or a movie. The popular dragon ball Z is getting their first ever movie in 2022. Fans are excited that the demand for the continuation of the series might force the creators to come up with a movie. This is one of the possibilities as Season 5 has no future ahead. 

There have already been rumors about the production of the movie but it is not yet confirmed. Anyone who has watched the show would know how things ended in the finale. On the other hand, there have already been a finale Part 2 for the fourth installment and this also cut out the chances of the movie. But Warner Bros have all the rights reserved for the movie. 

Optimistically, there is hope that the popular animation channel might renew the anime and continue to release a movie.  

The debate can lead to the discussion for a long time but to conclude, there have been no updates and we are still unknown about the future of the show. 

Attack on Titan Season 5 is unlikely to happen but there is a possibility that a movie could release with the same energy. 

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