Confirmed: Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date, Plot And More

When I was a kid, I didn’t know anything about anime series but I clearly remembered how me and my brother used to stick on the Cartoon Network and Especially for Dragon Ball Z. We might fight to watch different animations at that time but we never struggle for Dragon Ball Z. As I grew up, I came to know about the fact of anime and manga and no doubt I have rewatched the popular Dragon ball Z. In 2015, Toei Animation released the Dragon Ball Super series which again caught my eyes and now the audience are struggling to watch Dragon Ball Super Season 2. 

Dragon Ball Series would be one of the most anticipated series of the anime world. The anime was ranked in the top category for many years and no matter how much we stick to other shows, the huge fanbase will forever cherish the anime. The animation has brings out the super strongest character, Goku which we all love the most. The fight among the kids would forever movie about who’s the strongest, Goku or One Punch Man? But we know the answer! 

When the series ended, fans were already satisfied with how things turned out. Goku is living with his wife and kid and engaging his life as a father, whereas Vegeta and others are doing the same. 

Toei animation again announce the spin-off of the series, naming it Dragon Ball Super and releasing it in 2015 for the first time. As it happens, the viewers begin to wonder about the nostalgic period of how they used to adore the show. No doubt, the Dragon Ball franchise has evolved into one of the most popular worldwide. 

However, the studio surprisingly canceled the series in the middle of the session. Now, the audience is wondering fo the official would still continue to release the series in the future or will the cliffhanger would be on till eternity. We all knew how things got smashed at the last episodes and to end that, there’s a need for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. 

Dragon Ball Super: What is it About?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 updates

Dragon Ball Super is actually a spin-off of the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Z. The anime series would always remain one of the legendary shows back in the 90s. The show has had massive success all around the world and its popularity can easily be seen that until today the audience is demanding for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. 

The show initially made its debut in the manga series. Written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, the manga series got a lot of readings from the readers. It is then Toei Animation decided to bring the show into the anime and make it more popular. The series has 9 season which runs around the boy named Goku who started his journey from zero to become the super Saiyan. 

Furthermore, as the anime series was released, it got popular not only in Japan but also in rest of the part of the world. US got most influential with Dragon ball Z and that’s when we came to know about the series and how it has established a different era for the anime series. Till then, the viewers have never thought of something. 

On the other hand, different Video games, Merchandise, and things started to run after teh seems series, People started to recognize the show and it came as a reform around the viewers. 

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Is it Coming Out?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

After the immense success of Dragon Ball Z, Toei Animation close the chapters. But the series was still there and many more viewers came to know about it. The merchandise was still sold and the show was still benefiting the Animation Company. 

Somewhere the idea of Spin-off was still running on their head. It took the studio more than a decade to actually announce and release the spin-pff. Dragon Ball Super was initially released in 2015 and the series got the same love and support from the viewers. It was then, the Studio canceled the series after releasing 115 episodes.

While the audience was shocked by the sudden cancellation, the officials never really talked about it. There were no reasons stated behind the cancellation and the viewers were left with nothing. 

The recent update of the anime series is that Toei Animation has announced Dragon Ball Super Movie. The Movie is already under development and will be released in 2022. Does this mean that there will be Dragon Ball Super Season 2? 

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Dragon Ball Super: When it is going to Release?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

After the officials announced the Dragon Ball Super Movie updates, fans were curious to know if the series will continue to release the Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super or not. 

The officials have not said any word regarding the Series and it’s Season 2. So far, there is no official Confirmation that will make us believe about the future of the series. As far as the viewers are concerned, there have only been updates about Dragon Ball Super Movie. 

Talking about the movie which is going to release in 2022. Since it happened, there is amid suspicion about Season 2. 

If everything goes fine and the movie got the blockbuster hit, there are high chances that the studio will renew the series. On the other hand, with the series already being popular, fans of the anime series are super confirmed with the upcoming season. It might take 1 or 2 years for the studio to get back at Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 could be released in 2022 or 2023.

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Final Words

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is not officially confirmed. As the officials have already working on the upcoming movie, there are updates that might bring back Season 2. The release date of the Dragon Ball Super Movie is scheduled for 2022. According to some sources, the officials are planning to release the Season 2 after watching the movie only. Now we have to see if the movie will start from where the Dragon Ball Super Season 1 ended or will ut tell some different story. What do you think? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

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