The Gifted Season 3: Why Disney Cancelled The X-Men Spin-Off?

Will the story of Reed and Caitlin be for Season 3? Or do we just have to accept the fact that Season 2 will be the last and final season? Since the Gifted Season 2 was finished filming, fans have been constantly hoping to hear some updates from the officials. Gifted Season 3 is one of the most awaited series for the viewers. 

With the second season premiering in 2018, fans are already hoping to get more seasons and expecting Season 3.  The popular supernatural drama series that is a spin-off of Marvel’s X-men is amazing. The show has everything that would make one to watch and crave for more episodes. X-Men is one of the controversial characters of the Marvel cinematic universe and as the charter has such a huge fanbase, it still falls in between the renewal and cancellation. 

Gifted started its journey to ending the spin-off of the popular Marvel character. However, one needs to realize that there won’t be any involvement of the superhero. The story might disappoint the one that is hoping to see some of the content based on their favorite superhero. 

The storyline takes off from a different time tunnel and the universe is not the same where one could witness the involvement of X-Men. In this alternate world, the X-Men have already disappeared and the story falls on Reed and Caitlin. Since there is a lot of news and rumors circulating on the internet. We thought that it would be important for you to learn about this series. 

Disney has recently partnered with Marvel and the 20th Century has sold to Disney and it pictured a lot of situations underneath. The fans are wondering if there will be another season by Disney or not? Here is everything you need to know about the series in detail. 

The Gifted Season 3: Is it Going to Release or Not?

The Gifted Season 3

Gifted is far better than a series and for all those people who never get enough of Mravel stories and always crave X-Men content. This show is perfect for them. Amazingly created and great visuals are what the show is known for. Being an action series, there are some of the far better action scenes that would make the show memorable for forever. 

The story mostly circulated around survival around the world that centers around the superpower. The Gifted follows this amazing plot where we saw how the parents took care of their children and protects them like a shield. Some of the fans still regard this as one of the best spin-offs. With such great feedback, we thought of a sequel, right?

As far now, there is no official confirmation regarding The Gifted Season 3. The audience has already lost their hopes and moved on to the other shows but the fans still won’t let it happen. The story seems to be a little incomplete and being a spin-off who says that there can’t be X-Men in it. 

Still, there is no official confirmation and no updates in the renewal status of the show. The second season aired in 2018 and since then there is not much talk about it. 

However, there have been certain updates from the official. While some people think the show is unlikely to happen, there is someone who believes in it. To all those fans of the series who wondered about the future of the show, there is never a no to it. Nix talks in an interview and refers to season 3 of The Gifted. 

 “I think that my sense is that the most likely thing is that if we come back, we’ll come back in some sort of creative way. Some partnership, because I think what we’ve discovered is that fans of The Gifted are big fans of The Gifted.

He further added, “We have a solid fanbase and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming so there may be, my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm.”

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The Gifted Season 3: When is it going to Release? 

The Gifted Season 3 release date

There is already a lot of struggle to find whether the series will take off for another season or not. With nothing confirmed at all, we don’t know much about the release date. 

FOX Entertainment has referred to the show with the least ratings and low viewership. Being under the TV production and all these things pays such a huge rate. There are low chances for The Gifted to release as many factors pay attention to it. But still there is no cancellation news so we can’t say anything regarding it. 

On the other hand, the show has received positive feedback and amazing ratings on the internet. The audience is already well appreciating the story of the series so if there has to be The Gifted Season 3, it would just be good to release it.

If the gifted Season 3 got greenlit before the end of this year, it would probably be released in 2022 or maybe in 2023.

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The Gifted Season 3: Why the Series Got Cancelled?

The Gifted Season 3 News

So far, there are no updates if the show is actually canceled or getting another season next year. Soon after the end of Season 2, the world was hit with the hideous coronavirus. Many of people thought that the series would be skipped because of the ongoing pandemic Guidelines. It’s been almost 4 years and there are no updates regarding the show’s future.

For all those people who are still waiting for The Gifted Season 3 to release then I am disheveled to inform you that it is unlikely to happen. As of now, there has been no confirmation about Season 3. Also, there are numerous things that can become a hurdle in the upcoming Season 3. 

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The Show Faces Low Ratings And Viewership 

When the show was initially aired, audiences loved the show and rated it with great ratings. As a result, the showrunners released its Second season. However, soon the rating dip and the viewership decreases. It is believed that the people started to get bored with the plotline and there seemed to be no interest that made them stick with the show. 

The show initially offboards with great ratings but soon everything faded away. The report suggested that the first season had 8.3 million views and after the release of Season 2, there were only 3.3 Million views. The dip was more than half of the number and this can be the ultimate reason why the show won’t have any future. Even FOX Entertainment refers to the show with the least rated show.

Disney Doesn’t Pick Up The Gifted

Marvel and Disney have recently patterned and all the subcategories of the series will be developed under Disney. Marvel Entertainment will be focusing on the majority of the movies and all. When Disney picked the shows to be renewed, they skipped the majority of series which they didn’t find profitable. Out of them, the Gifted was one. As Disney isn’t interested in investing in this show and FOX has already talked about it, it seems like there is no future at all.

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