Tokyo Raven Season 2 Confirmed: Is It Finally Happening?

Tokyo Raven is a Japanese anime series that unexpectedly got huge popularity. When the show was initially released in 2013 and prior to it, the manga was released. We already know that anime series are generally adaptations of their manga. Sometimes the manga seems to be great but their anime got no such catch or vice versa. Keeping that in mind, Tokyo Raven is one such anime series that has an amazing storyline and got massive success, unlike its manga version. As season 1 of the anime has already ended pretty well, the fans are wondering if there is any scope for the Tokyo Raven Season 2. 

Tokyo Ravens is a fantasy anime series that was not that great as it was in the manga. But as the Eight Bit studio decided to adapt into an anime, it turns out great. Being an action anime series, the show does pretty well and gives justice to the choice of the audience. Personally, when I watch the series, I was a little too skeptical about it. I was a little too inferior to try something out because I have already heard about its mediocre manga. Well, still the pandemic kept me watching the show and as I did, I loved it. 

Tokyo Raven Season 2

This anime series consists of 24 episodes and while many of them are just like 12 episodes, it was pretty great to have such a great storyline. There were no rushed up episodes and it seems like we are getting to the finale slowly. What makes the show so memorable is its storyline and character development.

The show just moves further and the viewer will keep investing his time on it. Nothing seems boring and there will be a point where you will love the overall blend of the story and the character’s life. For me, the series was absolutely perfect and perfect in a way that it should get another season. 

Just like me, there are many more people who think that Tokyo Raven Should get another season, including you and me. That’s the reason why I brought up this article for you. Here is everything that will help you to know if there will be Tokyo Raven Season 2 or not.

Fans Are Expecting Tokyo Raven Season 2 To Happen

Tokyo Raven Season 2

In 2013, eight-bit announced the very first season of Tokyo raven. The show was released for the first time in October 2013 and discussed till March 2014. In between, the show released 24 episodes and all of them received great appreciation. 

When the final episode was concluded, fans were curious to know about the future of the show. As far we know, the manga contains 11 volumes and out of them, only 9 volumes are discussed in the show. There are still 2 volumes left to cover. 

On the other hand, the series seemed to be concluded but the fans were not satisfied with it. The first season of the show was a massive hit and there are still a lot of things that need to be tackled. 

According to a report, the anime adaptation of Tokyo Raven was so popular that it ultimately raised the sale of the manga series. This concludes that the anime was profitable to the manga series and as it happens, there comes hope regarding Tokyo raven Season 2. 

Thinking about Season 2, fans are positive about the upcoming season. As the author has seen the rise in the manga series, there are chances that he will be releasing more manga in the upcoming year. 

If the story will extend to more volumes, there are pretty chances that Tokyo raven Season 2 will happen. But it’s been almost 8 years since the show was originally released. The 8-year gap is enough for the showrunners to think about the possibility. But in the anime world, there is never a no for the sequel. 

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Tokyo Raven Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to be Released?

Tokyo Raven Season 2 updates

There are 2 volumes left to cover and this raises hope among the people that there might be another season. There is no official confirmation regarding the Tokyo Raven Season 2. Since the ending of the anime was not enough to make the viewers fulfill the plot, here they are demanding the second season. 

As of now, there has been no official confirmation about the second installment. However, the audience is somewhere confirmed that there will be a part. If this is not the love for the series then tell me what is it? 

There might be work on the manga series and if that comes true, we believe that the series will be releasing super soon. On the other hand, The audience is also waiting for the series for such a long time now. Their wait will soon flourish into Season 2. 

It is believed that Tokyo Raven Season 2 will happen in 2022 or 2023. But since there is no official confirmation about this, we can wait for a while to hear from the studio. Also, the anime series has also not released any OVA, if things work out, we can at least watch the movie based on the leftover 2 volumes. 

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Where Can I Watch the Anime Series?

If you haven’t watched the anime series then don’t worry because it is already available on different OTT platforms. Also, the English dub of the series is already up on different platforms. One can check Funimation, Amazon Prime Video, and Chrunchroll and stream the series there. 

Final Words

Tokyo Raven is already one of the most popular anime series. The manga might not be that popular but the anime has done proper justice to the show and raised the viewership. The fans of the series have been continuously waiting for the anime series.

Proper writing and character development have been the most important factors of the show. The creators of the series have tried to keep the show as much as simple and original with respect to the manga. Just like the manga characters, Tokyo raven anime got similar characters to watch. Overall the show holds great interest for the viewers and every season is engaging and will keep you interested. 

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