Hobbs and Shaw 2: Everything To Know About The Sequel

Hobbs and Shaw 2 is officially confirmed! The news came recently and everyone was so excited to hear about it. Dwayne Jhonson, the man behind the idea, announced that he posed the story and all the details to the producers and they actually loved it. 

Prior to it, there was already a lot of teasing and assumptions rolling around the internet regarding the sequel. Hobbs and Shaw were originally released in 2019. The movie, which is basically the spin-off of the Fast and Furious Franchise, has been doing pretty well in all terms. 

The Fast and Furious franchise is already a famous one and Hobbs and Shaw, being an absolute spin-off of the show, have also been blockbuster hits. In 2019, the movie was originally aired on the screen and it makes $700 Million dollars worldwide. 

Starring  Dwayne Jhonson and Jason as Hobbs and Shaw, the producer Hiram Garcia revealed that the film is undergoing all the requirements for the upcoming sequel. 

However, Dwayne Jhonson has already informed the audience that the series is under production. Though the sequel was pretty unexpected as the film series has been involved in such an amazing ending as the Furious franchise has been known for its multiples, we can expect this from Hobbs and Shaw too. 

As many of you have probably heard about the sequel or witnessed the post from Dwayne Jhonson, this article will guide you to all the previous things and the future aspects of the show. Here is everything you need to know from the release date to the cast of Hobbs and Show in detail. 

Hobbs and Shaw: Dwayne Jhonson talks about the Sequel!

Hobbs And Shaw 2

Before finding out about the sequel, one must know everything about the film series in detail. You can skip this section if you have already watched the first part but if you haven’t then this would help you a lot. Hobbs and Shaw are some of the spin-offs of the Fast and Furious franchise. Following the theme of the universal movie, the title of Hobbs and Shaw is Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. 

As Dwayne Jhonson is already one of the major actors playing his main role in the film series, it was revealed that he won’t be coming back in the Fast And Furious Franchise anymore. Some of the fans were disappointed but the actor reveals that he will be featuring in more movies and it would definitely be great. 

For Hobbs and Shaw 2, the actor himself proposed the storyline details to the producer. Dwayne Jhonson talks about how he got the story details and how he calls Gracia to be in it. 

“So when it comes to Hobbs & Shaw, which we loved making that movie, there’s an idea that I had that I called Donna Langley, called our writer Chris Morgan, our producer Hiram Garcia. And I said, ‘I have this idea and this direction for Hobbs.’ And I pitched it and they all loved it. It would be the antithesis of what Fast and Furious movies generally are in that they continue to go on and go on and go on.

In this case, I still want to do the quintessential Hobbs movie. That, without giving it away, you watch a man walk off into the sunset. Donna loved it and they’ve been wonderful partners at Universal, but I said, ’You know, we have an opportunity here, I think to go against the grain and let’s disrupt things a little bit, and let’s create a movie within the Fast and Furious world that is unexpected, that I think people will go, ‘Oh man, like, wow, thank you for that.’”

The Director loved the idea of the sequel and ultimately they have started to talk about it more. As the film is a blockbuster hit and critically accompanied series with most of the audience loving the film, we have already witnessed that there will be another part. 

Hobbs and Shaw 2: When is it going to be released?

Hobbs And Shaw 2

When the official announcement was made by the actor and the official himself, the audience came out vigorously to find out more details. Out of all the curiosity, the majority of the viewers were demanding the release date. 

The first part of the movie was released in 2019. However, we know that shortly after the release, the world will be hit with the deadly coronavirus. As the disease has shut down everything, no doubt the entertainment world got into it too. 

Global pandemic becomes a hurdle in the production of the film. As everything seems to be getting back to normal, we are thinking about the sequel’s release date. Earlier this year, the creator announced that Hobbs and Shaw are undergoing the prediction. 

All the required script is getting ready. Recently, it came forward that the film has started its production. But still, there is no confirmation about the release date. The untitled sequel of Hobbs and Shaw has been confirmed but there is no release date for it. 

The release totally depends upon Dwayne Jhonson and his upcoming movie. As the actors have a tight schedule packed for the next few years, it would be hard to work under so many films. 

According to him, he has three big movies on the way that are Red Notice, Black Adam, and Jungle Cruise. 

Hobbs and Shaw are confirmed to release in 2022. As the movie has already started production, the fans would be able to watch the movie next year. 

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Hobbs and Shaw 2: Who will be Returning back?

Hobbs And Shaw 2 updates

All the details regarding the movie’s sequel have been getting along with the viewers. With the Offiacislateasing about the movie updates, we are pleased to inform you that the cast is returning back.

Dwayne Johnson, one of the main protagonists of the movie, has announced all by himself that he would be coming back in the film. It was kind of obvious to have him back in the movie as the actor had himself proposed the idea of the Sequel. Dwane is acting as Hobbs.

Talking about Chris Morgan and his role as Shaw, which have undergone a lot of appreciation. The actor will also be returning back in the film. As there are no updates from Morgan himself, but there is no doubt for him to not be in the movie. 

Both the chaotic duo are back in the sequel but there have been no other details regarding the cast. But there are rumors that the additional cast would be joining in the film. Once the news gets confirmed, I’ll make sure to update you about it.

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Is there any official Trailer for the Movie?

The renewal status of the movie is positive and the sequel is already under production. Unfortunately, there is no release date for the movie and even the official trailer is not yet revealed.

Normally the trailer gets out a month before the actual release date. If you are wondering about the official trailer of Hobbs and Shaw 2 then we are sorry to inform you that there is none. On the other hand, you can watch the official trailer of the first movie. If by any chance you have missed the movie then this will help you.

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