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The Netflix show Record of Youth debuted in 2020. The finale left the spectators with a terrible feeling. The two main characters go through a tough period as the male lead gets well-known as an actor and the female lead gets well enough as a makeup artist.

Record of Youth, something much young person love starring Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, would be published in the second quarter of 2020. The drama, which is produced by Studio Dragon and Pan Entertainment, represents the megastars’ surprise appearance to broadcast after successful movie projects

Despite their love for one another, they split ways towards the end, believing that this is not the proper moment for them to be together. They do promise that if fate brings them together again in the future, they will try again. The meet by coincidence at a movie shoot, engage up the conversation, and walk together in the last episode.

Most Recent Updates:

The official trailer for Netflix‘s Record of Youth has been released. The new Record of Youth preview teases conflicts and personal struggles.

The fourth teaser for Record of Youth has been released, and it stars Byeon Woo-Seok, Park Bo-Gum, and Park So-Dam.

When could the publication of Record of Youth?

From September 7 until October 27, 2020, two new episodes of the delightful young adult South Korean drama will be released every Monday and Tuesday.

What Is The Best Way for Me to Watch Record of Youth?

The tvN cable network in South Korea will broadcast the Studio Dragon production. Variety reported on June 1 that Netflix had bought up the series exclusively for global distribution.


This indicates that viewers in countries other than South Korea, including such Singapore and Malaysia, will be able to witness Record Of Youth through to the streaming service. The episodes will be available on Netflix on the same day as originally air on tvN.

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Cast of The Record of Youth

Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-Gum plays the lead role of Sa Hye-Joon, a model who aspires to be a top actor. Despite his stunning good looks and runway ability, Hye-Joon appears to lack skills to be a film star. Despite failing several auditions, Hye-Joon develops the self-confidence required to accomplish his goals.


Park’s first particular project since 2018’s Encounter with Song Hye-Kyo is Record Of Youth. The actor made a cameo presence in JTBC and Netflix’s Itaewon Class earlier this year.

Park So-Dam

Park So-Dam makes her television comeback with Record of Youth, wherein the she portrays an ambitious makeup artist named An Jung-Ha, after several years of gracing the big screen and earning an Academy Award for her 2019 movie Parasite.


Jung-Ha is described as a character who is a loner at heart, despite her bright appearance. Hye-romantic Joon’s interest is also expected to be her. Park’s first television appearance since 2016’s Cinderella And The Four Knights is in Record Of Youth.

Byeon Woo-Seok

Hye-Joon’s best  friend Won Hae-Hyo, who is also an aspiring actor and working as a model, is portrayed by freshman Byeon Woo-Seok. Meanwhile, Hae-Hyo, like Hye-Joon, was born into wealth and must establish that he can exist without his advantages.. Byeon’s first drama as a main character is Record Of Youth. He had appeared briefly in shows including such Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency and Search: WWW in minor parts.


Veteran actors Han Jin-Hee, Ha Hee-Ra, and Shin Dong-Mi, as well as Shin Ae-Ra, Park Soo-Young, and Kwon Soo-Hyun, to round off the cast.

What happens in Record of Youth?

The plot encompasses three main ambitious young adults from various social and economic backgrounds who work in the ruthless worlds of television industry and fashion. Won Hae-Hyo (Byeon Woo-Seok) and Sa Hye-Joon (Park Bo-Gum) are models who would like to be actors. They met An Jung-Ha (Park So-Dam), a joyful but lonely fledgling cosmetics artist, through their work. The three experiences the highs and lows of the movie industry together, while also establishing new friendships and loves.

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Who Will Write And Direct The Movie Record of Youth?

K-pop fans will be relieved to know that Record of Youth is in safe and secure. Ahn Gil-Ho, who previously directed popular tvN series include Stranger starring Bae Doo-Na and Memory of the Alhambrasng Hyun-Bin and Park Shin-Hye, is the show’s director.


Meanwhile, Ha Myung-Hee wrote the script for Record of Youth. The SBS drama Temperature Of Love, based on Ha’s 2014 novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer The Phone, was her most recent project. She also has wrote for hit dramas including such Doctors and Socialites.

Review of Korean Drama for Young Adults

The movie Record of Youth is based in the entertainment industry and following a model (Park Bo Gum) who wants to be an actor and a make – up artist (Park So Dam) who is trying to progress in her profession as they face life’s challenges and find love.

Sa Hye Joon is played by Park Bo Gum. He is a supermodel who aspires to be an actor but has met difficulties on his way to his goals. Despite starting from a poor home and getting others within the business try to make difficulties in communicating for him, he works incredibly hard and does his best to be a kind person with a positive attitude.


Ahn Jung Ha Park So Dam She is a make – up artist who ambitions of establishing her own store and creating her own makeup line. She meets Hye Joon and develops a strong bond with him quite fast.

Won Hae Hyo will be played by Byun Woo Seok. He’s also a model and an actor, and he and Hye Joon are best friends. Despite the fact that they are competitors in the sector, they have always retained a close relationship.


The drama “Record of Youth” was entertaining. It has a lot of heart as we follow our characters’ travels to attain their goals and navigate various relationships.

The drama used to have a calming quality to it, and the pacing was more calm. It has a somewhat slice-of-life feeling about that now. There aren’t too many dramatic plot twists in this episode, but it moves along effectively at its own pace. As it deals with their professions, romances, and relationship problems, the plot is highly character-driven. There was enough going on to keep me fascinated for the most part.

In Record of Youth, the romance is really quite nice. Hye Joon and Jung Ha are adorable together, and that they have a lot of emotional moments together. Their relationship is generally extremely straightforward, with good communications least for the moment being.

Final Thought

Hye-father jun’s apologises for not being with him when he was going through a hard time. He confesses he was afraid when he hit him when he was younger and regrets it. Hye-jun feels regrets for his contempt of his father. Both men are in tears since this is a defining moment in their relationships, showing how much they care for one another.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\fb-real.jpg As the finale approach, Hye-jun encounters with Hae-hyo and Jin-u late at night in the usual area – Hae-hyo and Hye-jun have finished their service in the military. Going to follow that, Hye-jun is on set with his make-up team, getting ready for his latest show. When An Jeong-ha arrives, it is the first time they have seen each other since Hye-jun joined the army. She’s clothed in the shoes Hye-jun gave her. As they chat to each other in a lighthearted manner, there is less tension between them today. Is it now the right time for both characters, even as series comes to the conclusion?

Episode 16 of Record of Youth delivers an important message to the finale: time heals. The season finale tells audiences sometimes that we need to step back and re-evaluate what we’re doing in life, after many stress of growing up, starting on loves, and professions. In the end, despite a whole slew of awful episodes.

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