F9: The Fast and Furious Saga – Top 5 Plot Holes Explained

F9: The Fast and Furious Saga delivers all of the absurdity and hilariously improbable action that has made the franchise famous in recent years, while also introducing a number of plot holes and continuity errors. While it may appear that nitpicking a Fast and Furious film for consistency and believability is a pointless exercise, the series has done a good job of trying to justify its various wild incidences within its own less-than-realistic regulations over the years. Even so, there are a few things in F9 that simply defy the formed continuity of the series.

It’s really no mystery that Fast and Furious isn’t exactly realistic, and to be fair, most of the events in F9 could be classified as plot holes if viewed through a strictly logical lens. How does Dom survive a concrete bunker collapsing on his head, plummeting into a pool of water hundreds of feet below him? When it’s physically impossible, how does the crew manage to avoid landmine explosions? How do Roman and Tej navigate the vastness of Earth’s orbit to find the International Space Station?

Those weren’t plot holes, to put it plainly. They’re perfectly sensible events in the Fast and Furious universe, which is based on a comic book universe where people survive impossible situations and possess superhuman abilities.

What’s less forgivable in F9 are the plot holes, the continuity errors that contradict what’s already been formed in the Fast franchise world. There are a number of them scattered all through the film, some of which can be partially described with enough hard work and others of which are simply incomprehensible.

F9: How Could Dom Have Been Unaware Of His Father’s Liabilities?

Dom kicked Jakob out of the Toretto family because he blamed him for their father’s death, according to flashback scenes in F9. He recalls seeing Jakob doing something suspicious under Jack’s hood the day of the accident while in prison, and in his sadness and rage, he actually believes that Jakob killed their dad on intent. The reality is that Jack Toretto was financially strapped and had Jakob deliberately sabotage his car to throw the race. He didn’t tell Dom at the time because he was embarrassed, and he made Jakob swear that he would never expose the hidden truth.


The issue is that, as the de facto head of the Toretto household after his release from prison, it’s highly unlikely that Dom would have been unaware of his father’s debts at some point. Even though Jack died, it’s possible that the arrangements he made to throw the race eased his family’s financial burden enough that it wasn’t an immediate problem when Dom got out of prison. It’s also possible that Jakob sorted things out in the meantime.

But wouldn’t Mia have sensed something wasn’t quiet, right? But wouldn’t Dom have known once he had complete control over the personal wealth? It’s theoretically possible that he never found out the truth, but that seems like a stretch.

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F9: Why Dom Never Told About Jakob?

The beginning of Jakob Toretto (John Cena), Dom and Mia’s estranged brother, is the most obvious plot hole in F9. Before the first trailer for F9, Jakob had never been mentioned in the franchise, and because of Dom’s strong family values, many fans saw his presence as a huge plot hole. It is, however, somewhat explicable through the film’s own logic.


Because Dom places such a high value on family, removing his brother from his life would necessitate a significant amount of erasure. To put it another way, rejecting Jakob goes against Dom’s morals, so he has to act as if he’s dead or never existed in order to live with his decision. This helps to make Jakob’s previous invisibility believable, but it’s still a major continuity flaw.

F9: What Happened to Mr. Nobody?

Cipher (Charlize Theron) eludes capture by leaping from her spy plane at the end of The Fate of the Furious, but F9 opens with her being rescued from Mr. Nobody’s imprisonment by Jakob. Cipher was allegedly apprehended sometime between the two films, but the fact that her capture is never shown or clarified appears to be a plot hole. Cipher is treated as the ultimate villain in Fate, with technological abilities and advanced weapons that make her nearly impossible to locate, let alone apprehend. While it’s true that Mr. Nobody has access to similar cutting-edge technology, it still seems a bit ridiculous that he could simply arrest her in the middle of a movie without any fanfare.


Mr. Nobody appears in only a few scenes, one of which is when he records a Search and rescue message for Dom and the crew. Mr. Nobody is nowhere to be found at the crash location of his aircraft, and he is also absent from the rest of the film. Mr. Nobody’s death is a common thought, and it’s possible that he is.

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F9: Why Mr. Nobody Plans Han’s Fake Death?

Mr. Nobody faked Han’s death in Fast and Furious 9, retconning Tokyo Drift and Furious 7 through a convoluted side plot involving super weapons, holograms, and total secrecy adopted children. However, within the strange logic of the franchise, it all makes sense. What’s less clear is why, in the years since Han’s supposed death, Mr. Nobody hasn’t informed Dom. He wouldn’t say anything in Furious 7 even though Han would still be vulnerable, and also because the conviction that Deckard Shaw had killed Han was one of the factors that persuaded Dom and the crew to work for Mr. Nobody in the first place.


And what about the years that follow? A secret acknowledgement that Han was still alive would have been perfectly safe, as long as his location was not disclosed. Mr. Nobody, on the other hand, allows Dom and the rest of the world to believe that Han is still alive.

F9: Where Is Hobbs?

The most notable absence in Fast and Furious 9 is Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs, who has been a key character in the franchise since Fast and Furious 5. Johnson’s exclusion from F9 has been widely publicized because he and Vin Diesel have a long-running feud and refuse to work together. F9, on the other hand, provides no real explanation for Hobb’s absence in the movie’s world.


Tej says something about Mr. Nobody telling them not to trust anyone else, but Hobbs is basically a family member at this point in the story. F9 doesn’t even try to come up with a good reason why he wouldn’t join the action, despite the fact that his resources would have come in handy.

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