Will There Be a Third Season of ‘To The Lake’?

We live in a time when we are breaking down barriers when it comes to watching different series and shows. We’ve started watching a number of foreign series. We have been watching American shows for a long time, but we are now shifting to non-English movies and films. Whether it’s shows in Italian, Spanish, Russian, or German, the worldwide audience is now exposed to a variety of unique content. We now have easy access to search series thanks to online streaming platforms. Today, we’re going to talk about ‘To The Lake.

In 2019, a Russian thriller series called To The Lake was released. It is directed by Pavel Kostomarov and stars a number of well-known actors. The plot revolves around a global epidemic that has affected a large number of people, and Moscow is in a bad situation. Yana Vagner’s novel Vongozero serves as the basis for the series. The majority of the series was shot in Moscow. Fans have been waiting for the second season of To The Lake since the first was released. We are finally here with some details about To The Lake season 2 and related updates, after seeing the fans’ excitement and also we will discuss about there will be ‘To The Lake Season 3’ or not?

To The Lake: When Will Season 2 Aired?

The series was first broadcast on Premier in Russia. The very first episode aired on November 14, 2019, and the final episode aired on January 3, 2020. Following the previous official launch, Netflix acquired the worldwide streaming rights, and viewers from all over the world will be able to watch the show on October 8, 2020.


To The Lake season 1 has obtained combined feedback from critics, but the viewer has praised every aspect of it, earning it an IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10. It wasn’t a big success, but it’s worth watching at least once because it has a lot of unique components.

The creators haven’t made any official announcements about the second instalment of To The Lake, but filming has already begun. Filming began in April 2021, and it has also been revealed that season 2’s story will not be based on a novel. Season 2 will premiere in the near future, according to both of these pieces of information. Although a release date for To The Lake season 2 has not been announced, we anticipate it to be sometime in 2022.

To The Lake: Who Is in the Cast?

The previous cast members may return for the second season, but the story may undergo significant changes, necessitating the addition of new characters. Still, we can anticipate characters from previous series as –

Sergey is played by Kirill Käro, and his wife, Anna, is played by Viktoriya Isakova. Lyonya, played by Aleksandr Robak (he is Sergey’s next-door neighbor). Marina’s shoes are being worn by Natalya Zemtsova. Eldar Kalimulin plays Misha, Maryana Spivak plays Irina, Saveliy Kudryashov plays Anton, Yuri Kuznetsov plays Boris Mikhailovich, and Viktoriya Agalakova plays Polina in To The Lake. Finally, Aleksandr Yatsenko has done an excellent job as Pavel.

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To The Lake: Season 2 Expected Plot

The story is similar to contemporary events that have weighed heavily on our minds. In Moscow, a deadly virus spreads, leaving everyone in a pitiful situation with no power supply, no food, and no equipment for their well-being. People’s survival instincts drive them to try to save their lives as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that Sergei’s family is in danger, he rushes to save them from the epidemic.

When Sergey meets his ex-wife, she keeps an eye on him and isn’t in the mood to go along with him because they both had past issues and their life together wasn’t great. He also has an autistic son, and the two of them begin to walk alongside Sergey because there is no one else they can trust.


The pandemic makes things more difficult for them, and they flee to save themselves. The title To the Lake refers to the fact that when they have no other options, they discover a deserted island with no humans, which is considered safe from infection, and thus their journey begins to reach the island through the lake.

The story is entirely approachable and can be assumed if we find ourselves in a similar situation. Although, if there is a season 2, the story may continue because there was no cure for the pandemic, and we may see the old cast return and the story will resume with the struggle they faced. We can expect that in second season they will made some kind of antidote. Season 2 will be available on Netflix in the same way that season 1 was.

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To The Lake: Will There Be a Third Season of ‘To The Lake’?

As we know ‘To The Lake’ Season 2 not released until 2022. So until the second season released, we can’t anticipate any information about season 3. Talk about plotline, maybe second season will cover all materials may be not.


If in second season they find antidote for the pandemic situation they have faced, may be in third season their agenda will be spread the antidote to the world. Or season 2 could be the ending of the searies. Actually, we can say any confirmation words as of now. But, if there will ‘To The Lake Season 3’ then it can’t be available until the ending of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

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