You Season 4: The Unsolved Questions That Need to Answer

Season 3 of You is a fantastic journey through love, betrayal, and parenthood. A perfect California suburb is a great setting for Joe and Love’s ostensible marital bliss, and fans quickly learn that they are both still murderers, despite their desire to raise their son Henry well. Joe kills Love and flees to Paris under a new alias by the end of season three.

While fans await the next batch of episodes, many important questions remain unanswered, as Joe has left his son Henry behind and is embarking on the next chapter of his life. When Season 4 becomes available for streaming on Netflix, viewers will be hoping for some answers.

You Season 4: Will Joe Have Another Child?

It was difficult to imagine Joe as a loving and caring father before Season 3, but as the season progresses, he develops a bond with his baby Henry. Joe wants to make amends for his childhood mistakes and never abandon Henry.

Joe gives Henry to some neighbors, knowing they will do an excellent job raising him, but this raises the question of whether Joe will have another child in the future. He appears to enjoy the responsibilities of parenthood and hopes that it will keep him living a healthy, happy life, so by the end of season 4, he might be a father. he will be in another intense and toxic relationship and considering parenthood once more. Joe appears to believe that he can do it right this time.

You Season 4: Who Will Kill Joe?

There are reasonable and improbable deaths on You, but since the point of the show is that Joe appears charming but is a killer, it appears likely that he will kill at least a few people in the upcoming season.

Who will obstruct Joe’s path? Will that be somebody who learns his true identity or someone in Marienne’s life who doesn’t want him to get connected to her?

You Season 4: Will Joe Build A New Cage?

Joe’s obsession with building a cage is one of the most disturbing aspects of his personality. It’s truly horrifying and terrifying to see the glass cage in the basement of a bookstore in New York City, and the cage plays an important role in seasons 2 and 3. Fans know that when Joe and Love set up a cage in the bakery’s basement, nothing good will come of it.

Will Joe construct a new cage in Season 4? Joe sees the glass cage as a form of security because he believes it buys him time to devise a strategy, and while it’s difficult to imagine him finding a place to do so in Paris, he always seems to find a way to do what he wants.

You Season 4: Will Anyone Know Joe’s Real Identity?

Joe always seems to be intent on killing people, while you change and remain the same. It’s also true that he’s frequently being watched.

Fans wonder if anyone will discover that Joe is alive and that he is not the person he is posing as. While Joe continues to move to new cities and change his name, some people can always tell that he’s a cold-blooded killer and stalker.

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You Season 4: Will Joe Still Send Money to Elle?

In one season 3 scene, Joe gathers funds to send Ellie, but he is forced to abandon his plan in order to attend to a more pressing matter.

Fans are wondering if Joe will continue to provide financial support to Ellie in season 4 He seems to want to forget about his past, but despite his memories of bullying and difficult times, he has always been compassionate and caring toward children and teenagers.

You Season 4: Will Joe Have a New Love Interest?

While season one is all about Beck and season two is all about Love, it’s interesting to note that Joe has two love interests in season three, as he shifts his focus from Natalie to Marienne. Will Joe have a new love interest/obsession in season 4, or will he remain focused on Marienne?

Whereas Beck, Natalie, and Marienne are all decent folk who do not deserve how Joe treats them and the people in their lives, Love is a murderer, which raises the question of how good or bad Joe’s new partner will be.

You Season 4: What Happens to Theo & Matthew?

Matthew is one of the most astute You characters because he refuses to believe the story that has been told to him about his wife Natalie. At the end of Season 3, fans learn that Matthew and his stepson Theo have reconciled and are doing much better.

But have Theo and Matthew truly moved on from their past, and what are they doing now? Viewers would appreciate an update on these season 3 characters in the upcoming episodes, even if Joe only mentions them briefly and checks in on them on social media.

You Season 4: Will Joe Ever See Marienne Again?

Will Joe be successful in reuniting with Marienne if his reason for living in Paris is to reunite with her, or is this the end of their potential love story?

It’s entirely possible that Marienne has begun a new life in Paris but desires nothing to do with Joe, as Love tells her in the season 3 finale that Joe is a horrible person and a murderer, and Marienne realizes that her relationship with Joe has indeed been toxic.

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You Season 4: Will Anyone Fine The Truth About Love?

Joe and Love are You characters who see people as obstacles and brutally murder them before devising a plan to cover it up. It’s quite frightening to see them together.

Joe devises what he believes to be the ideal method for getting rid of Love. He kills her and makes it look like she killed herself and him in one of the show’s most gruesome scenes. Will anyone learn what Joe did and see-through Joe’s story that Love was a miserable housewife who couldn’t take it any longer? Many characters, from Delilah to Candace to Peach and Sherry and Cary, have figured Joe out, so it appears possible.

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