The Secret: Dare to Dream – Storyline | Review & Ending Explanation

‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ based on Rhoda Bryne’s book of the same name, is typical romantic drama fare. It also looks at the cliches of optimistic thinking that come from Rhoda Bryne’s novel. ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ although uplifting at times and over-the-top at others, can be extremely amusing, thanks to the superb performances of its stars, Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas. With that stated, if you’re searching for a quick summary of the film, keep reading.

The Secret: Dare to Dream – What Is This About?

Miranda Wells (Katie Holmes), a single mother of two, tries to keep up with her mounting bills and demanding life in ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream.’ Even ordering pizza feels like a luxury, and her and her family’s sole means of dealing with hurricanes is to place empty vessels beneath their leaking roof in the hopes that it would not collapse. But, despite her problems, the one thing that really upsets her is her poisonous relationship with her employer, Tuck Middendorf, who is too concerned about “what will the neighbors think?”

All of her resistance has built up to the point that she feels as if she’ll snap at any minute. With so much negativity all around her, she finds it difficult to focus on all the great possibilities that may lie ahead. That’s when she meets Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas), who turns out to be the exact personification of Sam the Onion Man from ‘Holes,’ with his upbeat “I can fix that” attitude. Despite the fact that Miranda hit his car, Bray gives her assistance and restores her bumper for free. He finds himself in the center of Miranda and her family’s dismal rantings about their poor luck moments later.

He illustrates the law of attraction to them using a magnet and a paper clip, arguing that they get what they manifest. When they don’t trust him, he tells them to imagine a great pizza on its way to them. And then a pizza appears on Miranda’s doorstep. Bray gradually introduces them to all of the possibilities that lay ahead of them, and their lives alter as a result.

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The Secret: Dare to Dream – How The Show Ended?

Bray Johnson stays a bit longer to assist the family in repairing all of the damage that a storm has caused to their home. But it doesn’t take long for Bray to realize that he, too, isn’t as perfect as he appears. Despite his contagious positive attitude, he fails to explain Miranda why he’s genuinely there. Miranda discovers that Bray shared her late husband’s invention with the rest of the world at her daughter’s birthday party and suspects that he stole it. Bray clarifies that he was the sole survivor of the plane catastrophe that claimed her husband’s life. The tragedy transformed his life, and he began to believe that even the darkest situations may lead to a brighter future.

After establishing that he was merely aiding her husband with his innovation, Bray eventually offers Miranda a portion of the earnings. Miranda is able to pay off all of her bills with the first instalment of her income. Miranda’s life improves as time goes on, and she decides to take full responsibility for it. Rather of producing negative ideas, she seizes the bull by the horns and even cancels her engagement to Tuck. She then seeks a new home for her children and chooses to return to school to further her degree.

She understands that Tuck merely offered her a false sense of security now that she has a new sense of purpose. Bray, on the other hand, is the man who made her feel welcome, at ease, and secure in her own skin. As a result, she chooses to follow a different goal and travels to Bray’s house. Bray, it turns out, did the exact same thing. The couple bumps into each other on the highway on their way back to their different homes, and everything works out nicely for them.

The movie’s finale, albeit a little over the top, is meant to demonstrate how strong optimistic ideas can be. Miranda’s difficulties had previously been so artificial that she had failed to realize how she was purposefully deepening her downward spiral. For example, she was constantly aware that something wasn’t quite right about her relationship with Tuck, yet she continued to pursue it since Tuck gave her hope for the future. Bray, on the other hand, teaches her and her family that all she needs to do is be open to some good adjustments in her life, and the rest would fall into place on its own.

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The Secret: Dare to Dream – Conclusion

The film has a Hallmark rom-com vibe to it, but in the middle of all this uncertainty, everyone needs an uplifting film. When there is so much distance between students and the treasured Pepperdine community, feel-good movies are extremely crucial.

The law of attraction, according to Bray, is responsible for the good transformations in the lives of the major characters. Despite its resemblance to a sentimental romance, the film nonetheless conveys a profound message of optimism and self-confidence.

The core theme of keeping a happy outlook is still a powerful component of Pepperdine’s caring and inviting community. The concept of concentrated ideas attracting individual reality is an intriguing addition to the well-known mental health advantages of positive thinking.

Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu all have the film available for streaming. It was launched on July 31 and available for purchased.

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