King of Jo’burg Season 2 Release Date Update: Renewed or Cancelled This Year?

The first season of Kings of Jo’burg was well appreciated by the audience. The presence of a predominantly African ensemble, as well as gangster aspects and elements of mysticism, adds to the intrigue. In December 2020, the first season was released. Ferguson Films’ Shona and Connie Ferguson produced the film. The Queen, Rockville, iGazi, and The Imposter are just a few of the popular TV programs that the pair has created. Season two was eagerly anticipated due to the intriguing storyline build-up and various uncertainties that the viewer was left with.

Shona took to Instagram for a surprising surprise roughly five months after the first season ended. He launched the production of Kings of Jo’burg season 2 while sitting in his Lamborghini with his daughter Alicia. Alicia started complaining about his farts, and despite his denials, he announced the news.

Everyone is very much thrilled about the advent of the show’s second season.

But a big wave of grief engulfed the admirers of the play.

Shona Ferguson, the producer of Kings of Jo’burg and one of the main protagonists, died on July 30, 2021.  His agency verified the news on numerous social media channels.  Fans of a variety of programs were devastated by the news.

They expressed their sympathies to his wife, Connie, and their daughters. Shona and Connie have been married since 2001. Off-screen and on-screen, they were a popular pair. Now that he has passed away, it is unclear who will take his place on the show.

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What Happened in Kings of Jo’burg Season 1?

Kings of Jo’burg is a documentary that depicts local crime scenes in Johannesburg. The narrative centres around the Masire siblings, Jo’burg’s underworld lords. Simon “Vader” Masire, the eldest, wields an iron grasp over the underworld. He is a man who doesn’t have to raise his tone to be heard; everyone pays attention when he talks. The younger one is Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire. He was formerly a formidable criminal figure, but he is now on the run from his past.

Mo came dangerously close to losing his life by taking a bullet for his sibling. But they all abandoned him in prison. He gets freed from prison at the start of the first episode. Vader also commits a robbery on the same day. We observe Vader’s supernatural powers when he goes through security during the robbery.

Angela, Vader’s wife, will be presented later in the program. The gang is clearly tense about bringing Mo back. Vader tells his minions to look after Mo. Meanwhile, Mo meets with Phumzi after being freed from prison. She offers him a ride in her car and even pays for his expenditures on the way. As the tale progresses, it becomes clear that Angela is Mo’s ex-wife. He also has two children, Tlotlo, a son, and Neo, a girl.

Tlotlo is fully immersed in the gang’s activities, which enrages Mo even more. He and his daughter return to Phumzi and find a place to live. The narrative of the brothers’ rivalry continues, and we get to see the Masire family’s darker aspects.


Who Could Return in King of Jo’burg Season 2?

Ferguson Films is the producer of the six-episode series. Shona Ferguson and his wife Connie Ferguson, the show’s producers, were also cast members. Shona Ferguson plays Simon Masire, a formidable woman. Zolisa Xaluva plays Mogomotsi Masire, the younger brother. Buhle Samuels plays Simon’s wife and Mogomotsi’s ex-wife Angela. Detective Jazmine is played by Tsholofelo Matshaba. The Masire Mermaid is played by Connie Ferguson. Tlotlo Masire is played by TK Sebothoma.

However, since Shona’s death, nothing has been said regarding who would take his place. Fresh characters may be added for the story advancement in the second season, so expect new additions.

King of Jo’burg Season 2 Release Date Update

On December 3, 2020, the first season of Kings of Jo’burg was released in its entirety. On the same day, all six episodes were released. The second season is expected to be released around the same time as the first.

As a result, the premiere date of King of Jo’burg Season 2 is set for December 3, 2021. However, due to Shona’s death, there may be a modification in the timetable. The series Kings of Jo’Burg is exclusively accessible on Netflix. To view it on Netflix, you’ll need to sign up for a membership plan. Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium are the four types of plans available. On November 11, 2020, Netflix published the official trailer for the first season on their YouTube account.

Fans Review of King of Jo’burg Season 1?

The first season of Kings of Johannesburg was a popular favourite. There were Africans in the cast, as well as aspects of mysticism and criminality. The show’s first season premiered in December 2020. Shona and Connie Ferguson, a husband and wife, designed it.

The Queen, Rockville, iGazi, and The Imposter are just a few of the TV series that the pair has created. The second season piqued the interest of the viewers since it had a fantastic storyline build-up and left them with many unanswered concerns. Shona shared a video of himself in the car with his daughter on Instagram. He revealed that Kings of Jo’burg will be renewed for a second season.

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