Who Win in Godzilla Vs King Kong Complete Info!

The ultimate monster movie match-up that challenges the other monster movie match-ups has arrived on the platform and is giving tough competition. The HBO Max epic, Godzilla vs. Kong, is the ultimate match-up we are talking about. It smashes the two biggest titans of the monster movie genres against each other. This fight is attracting the people towards itself.

Who Win in Godzilla Vs King Kong

One is the hulking gorilla who belongs to Skull Island. The other one is the radiating sea monster having the heaving nuclear breath. A fight against these monsters will display a huge amount of destructive action, which will be witnessed by all of us.

Godzilla vs. Kong is available to watch on HBO Max. However, many people don’t want to watch the movie as they were unable to watch their favourites against each other. If you can’t watch the fight but are willing to know about it, here is a complete step-by-step breakdown of the fight.

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The fight takes place in three rounds. The two are the behemoths that collide where one round is a two-parter. It is then quickly followed by the third round with an asterisk. There is also the existence of Hollow Earth. A lot of things and incidences are going on in the battle. Here, we are not going to explain the end of the battle but will give you a beat-by-beat battle breakdown. If you are looking for an explanation of the end, then this is not the right spot.

Round 1 of Godzilla Vs. Kong:

Godzilla is the winner of the first round.

The first fight was not that close. Initially, a sedated King Kong was taken to Antarctica and was chained to a boat. Godzilla appears there and takes the Skull Island King to complete the task. Talking about the defence of Kong, he was fighting with just one hand. His other hand was tied or chained behind his back. By playing dead, he saves the lives of many. If he didn’t do so, then Godzilla must have created a lot of havoc.

Round 2A of Godzilla Vs. Kong:

Later in the movie, King Kong arrives at the Hollow Earth. He returns from there with a powerful weapon that will help him to fight against Godzilla. He possessed an Axe and used the nuclear firepowers of Godzilla against him.

Who Win in Godzilla Vs King Kong

So, King Kong is the winner of the first part of the second round.

Round 2B of Godzilla Vs. Kong:

Immediately after being defeated by King Kong, Godzilla stands up and removes the gloves, if he wore any. He picks up King Kong and throws him all over the place. This incident almost killed him. The only source due to which King Kong revived was the anti-gravity Hollow Earth ship.

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This scene explains that Godzilla was the winner of the second part of the second round.

Round 3 Of Godzilla Vs. Kong:

A new challenger enters the ring in this round, Mechagodzilla. The giant robot enters and takes Godzilla to the task and ends the entire battle on his own. However, King Kong is back, and all thanks to the anti-gravity ship of Hollow Earth. King Kong and Godzilla realize that Mechagodzilla is the worst of all, and they can defeat him together. It follows the phrase that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So, the third battle is won by both Godzilla and Kong.

Who Is The Ultimate Winner of the Fight?

It is quite murky to ask as Godzilla and King Kong unite and fight together to defeat a common enemy in the end. One can also say that they become friends at the end of the movie. One can easily declare the match as a draw and proceed to the other epic HBO Max show. But, the winner can only be one.

If the battle is summarised as a three-round fight, then the winner is Godzilla. However, Kong did the damage up to some extent in the first half of the second round, but that only made Godzilla angrier. He also took help from a sci-fi technique for his revival. Godzilla is also the winner because he has not only defeated Kong twice but also made him his new bestie.

So, the winner of the fight is Godzilla, the king of the monsters.

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