Michelle Williams, Jude Law team up for period drama Firebrand

Michelle Williams, Jude Law team up for period drama ‘Firebrand’. Image Credit: Twitter/ @FilmUpdates

Michelle Williams, Jude Law team up for period drama ‘Firebrand’. Image Credit: Twitter/ @FilmUpdates

Michelle Williams and Jude Law working together flamboyant, a psychological horror story set in a bloody English Tudor court.

The film, directed by Karim Ainouz, will focus on Queen Catherine Parr, the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII, and the only one to escape exile or death.

While Williams will play Catherine, Law will play her infamous husband, Henry VIII.

Ainoz, is known for The Invisible Life of Eurydice Gusmao, will direct the film from a script killing eveWriters Jessica Ashworth and Henrietta Ashworth.

according to the deadline, flamboyantThe psychological horror of living with a demon is told through Katherine’s singular point of view—and the remarkable desire to not only survive, but to thrive.

The film’s official logline reads: “She had no assurance of a happy marriage until the young Catherine Parr (Williams) married the deteriorating, increasingly autocratic King Henry VIII (Law); in fact, she was alive.” There was no assurance of staying. Marriage at all. Of her predecessors, two were kicked out, one died in childbirth and two were beheaded. While Catherine navigated the politics of her situation Tried to keep her head about it, she came up with a secret agenda.

“She was Protestant, believing that it was her duty to marry Henry, as this would be the only situation in which she could convert him – and the state – from her pro-Catholic status. That belief was tested when the Church approved He was opposed to giving in. Divorced from his first wife so that he could marry Anne Boleyn, who would later be beheaded. With arrests, torture and Protestant executions, Catherine invited a dangerous game that Will kill one of them long ago.”

Brazilian-born filmmaker Ainouz describes Parr as a “brutally talented, enlightened and liberating woman, whom I am deeply inspired by, a woman who has been largely disregarded, or certain. under-represented in English Tudor history”.

While much is known about the tyrannical rule of Henry VIII, the king himself and those killed at his hands, the director said flamboyantWill offer a modernist take on the classic trope of a woman trapped in a castle with a monster.

“Henry was a most interesting man, but he was uber-violent, in line with the times. Jude wouldn’t play him as the slimy fat guy eating a turkey leg. Jude found out just how complicated this guy was, a lovable character But as the most powerful man of his time.

Anouz said of his main cast, “And what immediately came to Michelle’s mind. Going back to Brokeback Mountain I admire her choices very much, and every time I rediscover her in a performance, I shudder at her.” There is something attractive in me.”

Williams was recently seen Venom: Let There Be MassacreAnd his role of Albus Dumbledore in Law will be reprized Dumbledore’s Secret, in the third chapter Fantastic BeastsJK Rowling’s Franchise harry potterUniverse.

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