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    ‘Heartaches for actors like mother who got stuck in a mould’: Ratna Pathak Shah

    Ratna Pathak Shah says heart breaks for actors like my mother, who got stuck in a mould. Image Credits: Instagram/ @ratnapathakshah

    Ratna Pathak Shah says heart breaks for actors like my mother, who got stuck in a mould. Image Credits: Instagram/ @ratnapathakshah

    Ratna Pathak Shah says she can’t help but wonder how her mother, late veteran actor Dina Pathak, would have broken the stereotype if she was working in the film industry today, as the existing set-up cast gives an opportunity to be free, which was an opportunity earlier. The generation of artists was deprived.

    Theater veteran Dina Pathak starred in several historical films of the 1970s and ’80s, including round gardener, beautiful, Umrao Janiand National Award winner Mohan Joshi are present!But Ratna Pathak Shah, whose sister Supriya Pathak is also an acclaimed actress, said it was unfortunate that the industry never really knew how to harness her mother’s potential. Dina Pathak passed away in 2002 at the age of 80.

    “What a wonderful actress she was,” she said.

    “You guys never saw anything of her abilities because whatever I saw her on stage, movies never gave her a chance to do that. She just had three and a half expressions. In fact, Supriya and I Used to laugh often, ‘Oh, mom is doing expression number 65, I’m sure there will be expression number 33 very soon after that.’ It was like, lousy talk, ”the actor told PTI in an interview.

    Ratna Pathak Shah started his career in the 80s and got success with comedy shows borrow here. The sitcom, in which she appeared alongside Supriya Pathak, made her Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, the 2004 hit TV show that brought her to prominence as socialite Maya Sarabhai.

    The 64-year-old actor is known for his stellar work in films like: Market chilli and spices, You know…or don’t you know, You and me, Kapoor and sonsAnd lipstick under my burqa.

    “I wish there was a mother today because she was meant for this kind of work. She was going to be out of the box. But she was stuck in a white saree and expression number 65 for 30-40 years. My heart goes out to her for just that. Was thinking about the boredom she had to face or so many other actors like her,” she added.

    Ratna Pathak Shah said that unlike other actors in the world like English legend Alec Guinness or Laurence Olivier, acting stalwarts in India have been completely ignored.

    He said that it is sad that most of the young actors of today are not even aware of some of the most notable but lesser known Indian actors.

    Ratna Pathak Shah said of the veteran film, “For example, Shriram Lagoo. You guys have no idea what kind of magic he created on stage. Marathi films “Pinjra”, “Mukta”, and Hindi films Popular stage actor for “Unclaimed” and “Souten”, among many others.

    “No one has written enough about people like this. Unlike the Laurence Oliviers and Alec Guinness of the world. And it’s a great tragedy, that new actors today have no role models. Who do you role models? ‘Who do you leave behind to do? People, who do the same thing over and over again? What have most of our stars done. How narrow a field do young actors have,’ she added.

    Fortunately, Ratna Pathak Shah said, the landscape of Hindi cinema is changing. “Good acting” is seen in almost every format one is aware of.

    “Hello, I’m really proud of that,” she said.

    The actor said that his latest work we two, our twois a testament to the diverse range of interesting characters actors have had the opportunity to play today.

    Directed by Abhishek Jain, the film follows the story of an orphan named Dhruv, who “adopts” his parents, played by Ratna Pathak Shah and Paresh Rawal, to marry the love of his life.

    “I’ve found that the quality of writing has improved tremendously over the past 10-15 years, such as the quantum leap. It’s one of the great pleasures of working today. You get to lie that doesn’t sound like dialogue. In what sounds like a sound, you get to deal with characters that matter to you during the conversation.”

    In we two, our two, set to release on October 29 on the streaming service Disney+ Hotstar, she plays Deepti Kashyap, a widow who comes on board to help Dhruv (Rajkummar Rao).

    The actor said that the role was a departure from the “somewhat regressive and boring” projects coming his way from streamers and TV.

    but we two, our two— where she played a middle-class, lonely woman with a failed love affair who was presented with the prospect of building a new family — was a breath of fresh air.

    “I bought the idea. My character is a widow who lives alone and gets entangled in the lives of these two young people she doesn’t know, she never met and yet, a relationship develops between them. I love that. It wasn’t something completely far-fetched.

    “It definitely had the virtue of a fable around it. My character isn’t very well defined, emotionally. And it was interesting because then you have to find your way around a part like that and figure it out.” It has to be figured out what it is that makes a woman like that tick,” he added.

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