I think about a story differently, I think about themes: Ram Madhvani

Ram Madhvani. photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ram Madhvani. photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

MumbaiDirector Ram Madhvani, who is keen to explore the story of a fallen hero in “Dhamaka”, says adapting a film from a different culture and making it relevant to the Indian audience is challenging.

The film, a remake of a South Korean film titled ‘The Terror Live’, stars Kartik Aaryan as an eccentric ex-TV news anchor. Aryan’s character receives a dangerous call on his radio show and sees it as an opportunity to make a career comeback, but it may cost him his sanity. Madhvani told PTI-Bhasha, “It is always difficult to establish it culturally and make it acceptable. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it as a family film for people of all age groups. ”

With ‘Dhamaka’, Madhvani said it aims to reflect on what to gain or lose while climbing the ladder of ambition and success. “Dhamaka is about a man who is ambitious and loses some of his value systems and the central question that the film asks is ‘Kya Khoya Kya Paya’. It is for all of us whether it is in relationship or work. Life in balance. What are the things that we tend to lose and gain in doing what we have to do? It’s about a fallen hero and it’s sad,” he said.

Madhvani believes that breaking the theme of the film was the hardest thing to do. “For me, I think about a story in a different way, a lot of people think about the plot, I think about the themes. I dread plots because everyone is interested in the plot. However, it will be what we have. To be sure, the audience is either happy or emotional, but beyond that what am I saying,” he added.

Citing the example of his 2016 award-winning film ‘Neerja’ based on a real incident during the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 at Karachi airport in 1986, Madhvani said it was not a hijack film, but the story of a mother – How the daughter and family recover from the loss of their child. “In this case, the title ‘Dhamaka’ is about explosions in life, truth, love, etc., so there’s a certain metamorphosis in the title. It’s about ‘Dhamaka’ that happens in the character’s life regardless of physical form. Be it from outside or internally,” he said.

The “Arya” director said he and Aryan wanted to work together for the last two-three years and it was the actor who suggested a remake of South Korean film “The Terror Live”. “We are in talks about the scripts we want to make together, one of them was comedy. I hope it will happen someday. We were exchanging stories with each other, he said. Chatted about this (Dhamaka) and I thought we could collaborate… It’s an adaptation of a South Korean film, it’s something that Kartik showed me and we liked it. Our take on this Apna Vichaar Hai. It’s been in years time from where it started and we shot and here we are, ready to release it on Netflix,” Madhvani said.

When asked about the idea of ​​introducing actors like Sonam Kapoor, Sushmita Sen and now Aryan in a never-before-seen avatar, the director said that the aim is not to give someone a new look, but a new opportunity for the collective. have to make. “I’m not here to innovate, they’re here to reinvent themselves and that’s what they decided to do. It was the opportunity of the role and it was for them to decide. I would have looked at them (differently).” I am because they gave me some trust, faith and decided to ‘let’s work together’ and that’s a big deal for me.”

Madhvani is making a remake of a South Korean film at a time when K-drama and music are gaining huge popularity across the globe. “I’ve been listening to K-pop music, which I love and I’ve seen Korean movies and I would love to go to Korea. It’s just this particular topic that we all found interesting collaborating on,” he said.

The cast of ‘Dhamaka’, which releases on Netflix on November 19, also features Amrita Subhash, Vikas Kumar and Mrunal Thakur.

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