Sanya Malhotra on Meenakshi Sundareswarar’s script: ‘It was love at first sight’

Sanya Malhotra: ‘More confident now’ than initially confused. Image Credit: Twitter/ @sanyamalhotra07

Sanya Malhotra: ‘More confident now’ than initially confused. Image Credit: Twitter/ @sanyamalhotra07

Five years after the sensational debut with the biographical drama DangalActress Sanya Malhotra says she has finally found her feet in the film industry as she now feels more “comfortable” with her craft.

Her portrayal of wrestler Babita Kumari in the Aamir Khan-led film opened doors for the Delhi-born actor, who later took up projects as diverse as Vishal Bhardwaj. crackerNational Award winning film CongratulationsAnd Photo.

“I’m a lot more comfortable and confident in myself now. Five years later, I can say that (because) for a few years in the beginning I was quite confused, I think ‘What’s up? How do I do this? Can I?’. But now I feel very comfortable in myself. It’s been a wonderful journey.”

The 29-year-old actor has come a long way with critical hits Shakuntala Deviand anurag basu comedy ludo.

In 2021, Malhotra earned accolades for the Netflix film titled, pgllight.

“I am confident with the kind of films I am doing, the kind of characters I am playing and whatever is happening in my professional life. I am very happy. It is a nice comfort zone that I have achieved . I hope I am able to keep it up.”

The actor returns to streamer Netflix with his latest, Meenakshi Sundareshwar, co-starring Abhimanyu Dassani.

In the Karan Johar-backed romantic comedy, Malhotra plays the titular half and says she was immediately drawn to the project because as an audience she yearned to see a love story.

In Meenakshi, an independent, spirited girl from Madurai, the actor got the opportunity to perform and lead a related romantic film.

“It was love at first sight for me. When I first heard the script, I could relate to it. It’s a universal and very relatable story. The character spoke to me on so many levels.”

She added, “And the fact that as a viewer, I was yearning to see a simple love story, that was also something that attracted me to the character and the script.”

Helmed by debutant director Vivek Soni, the film follows the journey of a young couple, Meenakshi and Sundareswarar, who are in a long-distance marriage.

Malhotra described her character Meenakshi as someone who is confident and knows what she wants.

“I love the fact that she loves Sundar just as she is. She doesn’t want that to change. They are two opposite people who are ready to grow up together and don’t want a little bit of both of them.” Changes also came from each other.”

When the teaser and trailer of the film was launched last week, a section on social media raised apprehensions that Meenakshi SundareshwarOnly South Indians will carry forward the stereotypes.

Malhotra said that the characters were never likely to be turned into caricatures as the team was sensitive to the narrative it had to chronicle.

“Our direction was clear, Vivek did great to make sure it doesn’t (stereotyping). This is a Bollywood film with very well written characters and scripts. As an actor, I also like Nothing else was needed reading material that I had with me when I was preparing for the character.”

She said, “There is a Rajinikanth dialogue in the film that I speak, so I did a lot of homework for that. It wasn’t in my mind that I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I just wanted to play it well. ” added.

Co-written by Soni and Arsh Vora, the film will premiere on Netflix on November 5.

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