Jason Sudeikis brings back his Biden impression as Saturday Night Live host

Jason Sudeikis guest hosts Season 47 of Saturday Night Live. Image Credits: Twitter/ @nbcsnl

Jason Sudeikis guest hosts Season 47 of Saturday Night Live. Image Credits: Twitter/ @nbcsnl

saturday night live Season 47 brought on its former cast member Jason Sudeikis to host the fourth episode. Has been part of some of the best sketches from the Sudeikis SNL History. Be it “To A-holes” or “New Girlfriend”, she has pulled off many memorable moments on the show. As a host, he also brought back Biden impressions. Let’s take a recap from Saturday’s show.

The show began with cast member James Austin Johnson making an impression of Joe Biden. Eight years ago, Biden (Sudekis) gave her a massage and a sniff didn’t make the opening act so cold-blooded. Alex Moffat came on as Biden in March 2021 and yes, he was there.

Sudeikis was in a velvet suit for his introductory monologue and knew what he was doing. Jason is a former cast member and his experience has worked here. He knew how to throw punchlines. He closed his monologue and talked about inspiring people with SNL’s comedy.

The “Science Room” sketch returned with Mike and Cecily as non-further science students. The original had Sam Rockwell and Adam Driver, but it was no less. Check it out for Jason’s comic timing.

“Parent Teacher Conference” is definitely the best sketch from the episode. Can’t believe everyone sitting at home should watch this. But it’s late-night television, anyway, best served by the Sudeikis.

The Weeknd Update brought out the devil in Jason as he confessed that he helped Colin Jost get his hands on Scarlett Johansson. According to VultureThis week Colin broke Seth Meyers’ record for most appearances on “Weekend Update” at 155. While Colin and Che are consistently one of SNL’s bright spots every week, it’s a reminder that in recent years How little has changed in the cast.”

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