Twitter outrage sparked by DC’s Superman, Marvel’s Avengers misfires instead of hits

(L) DC Comics’ Superman. (R) Marvel’s Avengers.

(L) DC Comics’ Superman. (R) Marvel’s Avengers.

The post-truth era has given us so many opportunities to label events around us as “Orwellian” that adjectives have become both clichés, and convenient shorthand for a situation that defies credibility.

And yet, despite the clichés, we are here once again reminded of 1984 and all its terrifying reflections in the present.

The manufactured outrage ecosystem on Indian Twitter (until now called MoE) runs at a brisk pace most of the time, but it has really outdone itself in the last week. You might think that a pandemic, drastic climate change, the world being shattered, and facing someone’s death might cause some lethargy on the part of these spirited souls (we’ll do them courtesy to assume that those people are, and not bots) But no, they are, as always, firmly focused on the things that really matter.

In an exemplary performance that would have given the participants of the 1984 Two-Minute Hate a serious inferiority complex (if they were real), the MoE – in less than seven days – defended Hindu heritage and honor against such infiltration Is:

use of the Urdu phrase in an advertisement for a collection of festive clothing;

The appearance of a smiling, green-clad model in another;

a Muslim superstar who was misleading the “eco-friendly” celebration of the greatest Indian festival of all time;

And finally, the pice de résistance – against Superman himself.

Yes, Krypton’s last son, Kal-El, of Kansas origin, Clark Kent. That Superman.

There are some who might consider it a folly against Superman, but not our rightful right. He may be the “Man of Steel”, but Moe has mastered the use of weapons of mass distraction. So he boldly, — well, not under the banner of Excelsior — but proceeded under a plaintive and edgy hashtag.

What did Superman do to inflame Moe’s wrath? Apparently, the subject of controversy is an animated film by DC called Injustice, in which Superman – in a parallel universe – is tricked into killing Lois Lane and his child by an adversary, who derails. Of course, being Superman, this takes the form of “forced peace enforcement” all over the world – and we quote.

part of this one-man peacekeeping mission (we may have caught a glimpse of Wonder Woman, but to really live up to the example set by MOE, we haven’t seen the film in its entirety and we base our findings on a Stray video clip from Twitter) involves entering the “disputed area” of Kashmir and destroying a military craft. It is unclear whether the craft is from India or Pakistan or a third nation, as no identifying mark is visible (and, as previously mentioned, it is a parallel universe). Suffice it to say, Superman’s actions are not being taken lightly by any of the members of the MOE, all of whom are so invested in the situation in Kashmir that they are regularly exposed to the injustices experienced by the people who live there. Close your eyes.

how dare he? Really, how dare he? Have they not heard us say that this is an internal matter? And that we’ll clean it up internally? Who does Superman think he is anyway; He’s an alien, and an illegal one at that. Did we interfere in Krypton’s internal affairs when the planet was exploding? Heck, what about Superman’s meddling of his adopted homeland around the world that led to civil war, conflict, and rebellion?

In the interest of fairness, we’ll say this: As laudable as their intentions are, MOE may have missed a few beats in its daring campaign. For example, at least the Kashmir dispute, as depicted in ‘Injustice’, requires Superman to use his super strength and destroy military-grade infrastructure, etc. On the other hand, in order to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict, he only requires the sitting leaders of the people of both countries, like extremely clumsy children, while he tells them in his finest schoolteacher manner: “Now both of you are on those terms. I’m going to agree!” That would be a disgrace.

If MOE had waited a little longer, it is likely that their enemy would have been less formidable. DC recently announced that its new Superman (Jonathan Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane) will come out as bisexual in the comic’s November issue. John was already fighting wildfires and resisting refugee deportation, as if being a savior to a third world country was not enough for him. DC added to this blatant miscarriage of superhero mythology by removing “The American Way” from Superman’s motto; Apart from truth and justice, he will fight only for a less patriotic “better tomorrow”. Many Americans, of course, weren’t thrilled with these changes. There was a murmur to stay away from this un-Superman.

Alas, in a rush to punish Superman, MOE made a shameful mistake. In a move that would certainly have caused serious outrage from DC, Marvel, and the Justice League, albeit not for the reasons that MOE intended, some of its members began calling for a boycott of the Avengers.

Although it is not such a big deal. After all, no matter what color their hat is, superheroes are largely interchangeable. Then again, so are the elders.

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