WATCH: Lana Del Rey Bakes Cake With Sisters, Paints ‘Blue Bannisters’ In Music Video

WATCH: Lana Del Rey Actually Portrays The ‘Blue Bannisters’ In Her New Music Video. Image Credit: Twitter/ @LanaGallery

WATCH: Lana Del Rey Actually Portrays The ‘Blue Bannisters’ In Her New Music Video. Image Credit: Twitter/ @LanaGallery

Lana Del Rey’s new videoblue bannister’, the title track of their next album, is out this Friday, 22 October. The video is a little too literal with the singer painting banners out of the blue and making cake batter with her “sisters,” presumably Jenny and Nikki Lane.

The video begins with the camera zooming in to a picture of Del Rey sitting on a John Deere tractor, matching the opening line, “There’s a picture on the wall, John Deere on mine.” (For the record, we wouldn’t say Del Rey is crossing the John Deere Pickett line here—the song was composed months ago—but we appreciate the effort.)

Ray and his sisters, according to Word, prepare a birthday cake, with a baby on the way, and display their broken weather vane atop their Oklahoma home.

Talking about the video, Ray posted on a private account @honeymoon.

comes after the videoChemtrails at the Country Club,’ Del Rey’s May album of 2021. The video is the title track of her new album which was originally scheduled to be released on July 4, but was pushed back to bannister‘.

She previewed initially’Blue Bannister’In April, when she posted a now-deleted video of herself and her then-fiancé Clayton Johnson; That footage is not included in the official music video. On May 20, Lana Del Rey’s famous “soft personality” went completely silent as she released three beautiful new tracks across all streaming platforms.

In May, Del Rey published ‘Blue Bannister’In its entirety, along with two more tracks, ‘Textbook’And ‘wildflower wildfire.’ They were all accompanied by a blurry selfie of Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Grant, with various filters. According to a press release cited by Pitchfork, they were “buzz tracks in anticipation of their upcoming 8th studio album”.

He released the track ‘Blue Bannisters’Arcadia’And last month’s not-so-literal video of it.

Watch the music video for ‘Blue Bannisters’ below:

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