When you can’t beat that person you tarnish his image: Bigg Boss 15 contestant Donal Bisht evicted

Donal Bisht in Bigg Boss house. (Photo Credits: Instagram/Donal Bisht)

Donal Bisht in Bigg Boss house. (Photo Credits: Instagram/Donal Bisht)

For the viewers of Bigg Boss 15, two contestants may have been eliminated on Tuesday, but it was not a shocking twist at all for Donal Bisht, one of the evicted contestants. Bisht claims that many contestants felt threatened by his fame and straight-up personality. “I am not surprised because I knew from day one that ever since I entered the Bigg Boss house, the contestants were against me. They got scared and were planning to sideline me completely. Everyone Could have seen it – be it the audience, Salman bhai, Farah Khan, so I wasn’t shocked when the contestants chose to eject me,” Bisht says, gagging. Bisht was often found isolated inside the house.

She adds, “I didn’t have any friends because I didn’t know anyone when I entered the house. Others knew each other and they formed a group. When I went inside, they all opposed me. Me. It was like Splitsvilla. Vibes inside the Bigg Boss house. Everyone had their own game plan but I went there with a clean slate and I was playing the game on a personal level. People were opposing me. Afsana told me that they want to get me out as soon as possible. ‘She takes a stand, she’s a strong competitor.. She doesn’t know anything, she just gets into conversation..’ They about me I was feeding people all this. When you can’t beat that person you destroy that person’s image and that’s what they were doing to me. But then people realized this was happening. People felt Doing what I’m feeling and I’m already a winner. People are saying we want Donal back.”

With most of the housewives constantly breaking the house rules, she was pulled over by Bigg Boss, and then as a punishment, she was asked to choose two contestants for eviction. After a heated argument and discussion, Bisht and Vidhi Pandya were evicted by the contestants. “Till the second Weekend Ka Vaar I knew how people were treating me and where I stood. When Afsana and I were forming a bond, Shamita and Vishal opposed our friendship. Tejashwi pitted Afsana against me. Will impress and provoke and tell him that you stay with me and I will help you. But I liked Nishant, he will not bite anyone. He will take a stand for me. Though Prateek was a bit violent at first, he was calm and in control tha. Karan (Kundra) also turned out to be a manipulator. He has spoken against me behind my back though I did everything for him. Anyway, I am a good soul, I have a good heart, I have no regrets ,” says Bisht.

However, Pandya, who was shocked in the middle of the week due to no information about homelessness, is happy to see the love and support of the audience on social media despite a short visit. “I was feeling sad but after coming out I feel better because getting the love of the audience was the main motive behind going on the show. For a while I felt that when Farah Khan placed me at 15th position, I would I was a little worried and wondered if the audience was feeling the same way but after coming out I realized that was not true and there were some contestants like Akasa and Simmba (Nagpal) who were weak. And he contributed less than me. Ishaan focused more on love than the show,” Pandya said. She adds, “I’m probably a misfit on this show because I can’t strategize enough. Also, I’m not funny enough to entertain people. I have a very calm and introverted personality.”

Bisht will easily move into the house again when given a chance, but Pandya is not sure about it. “I don’t know if I’ll enter again, I’m not even thinking about it,” she says. Bisht says, “If they call me back I will definitely go. Now I know a lot more… who is saying what and I will show them what kind of people they are. They are very inhuman. Many of them are just. Followers, two of them are pioneers and some of them are very toxic. Some men are fundamentalists too.”

Bisht says that he decided to participate in the sport just for the experience rather than his career. “For my career I don’t want to do music videos, shows or shows.. My career is about films and acting well. Even if I had won Bigg Boss, I don’t think it is for me. Joining talent. I want to show my talent by acting in front of the camera for films. Other contestants are acting in Bigg Boss, not me. I was doing a film in South and I had time in my hands after completing it Every year the channel was calling me to participate in Bigg Boss..It was the third or fourth time they called and I wanted to gain experience, why not? I had time and I was in the right mind,” She adds.

The relationship he built with a few contestants is Pandya’s biggest takeaway in this short journey. “Of course, more is always better for your career,” Pandya says. It is because not everyone has a good heart. I always thought people would be nice and understanding, but it wasn’t.”

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