Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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    What is Hyperpop? Decoding this discordant new-age musical phenomenon is on the rise

    Quinn, the 16-year-old pioneer of hyperpop (Photo Credits: oskin/soundcloud)

    Quinn, the 16-year-old pioneer of hyperpop (Photo Credits: oskin/soundcloud)

    The meanest animal in the musical spectrum right now is a phenomenon called hyperpop. Not that the term is familiar to many music lovers – it is new, yet not trendy but music has a high potential to define a new era. Or at least, if the music got screwed up.

    an article in Chronicledescribes hyperpop as being an extreme, maximalist take on pop. Vocals are auto-tuned beyond the comprehension of a human realm, while the music is dissonant and discordant, yet joyful. It further states that first-timers may not warm to the listener, but subsequent indulgences can draw them in like a dangerous drug – hook, line and sinker.

    According to a report in the U.S., the genre’s challenged poster girl touting the genre is 16-year-old Quinn, who has gained fame on SoundCloud and YouTube, singing about personal insults and playing an unheard-of style of music in the background. has been business Insider. In fact, Spotify used its own image for its popular image. hyperpop Playlist which got 240,916 likes.

    But she is not alone. Another 16-year-old is Pioneer Glav, Hyperpop’s newest breakout star, according to an article the new York Times, Joe further describes him as “an effortless songwriter with a springy voice and a straight line to the source of raw emotion”.

    Other artist duos are 100 gecs and PC Music Collective. With the rise of such artists, this genre certainly has the potential to capture the imaginations of the masses and their ears. Some are claiming that hyperpop is the future of pop music. If that’s the case, then it’s definitely a huge change in the saccharin, flowery and OTT stuff that we’re used to hearing. But the big question is, will ‘pop’ music be anything that is popular at the time, will hyperpop ever attract the masses?

    In addition, music usually reflects people’s state of mind at the time – and if such dissonant music is on the rise and is expected to find resonance among listeners, it reveals a lot about the mental and emotional states of mankind.

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