Explained: Why Pakistani music producer Rohail Hayat is at the center of a social media row

On October 17, music producer Rohail Hyatt tweeted about appreciating unity and diversity. (photo credit: Facebook)

On October 17, music producer Rohail Hyatt tweeted about appreciating unity and diversity. (photo credit: Facebook)

What started out as a tweet by music producer Rohail Hyatt promoting “unity” amid “divisive narratives” snowballed into a critical line as he was interspersed with comments on a Twitter thread, which received a response from Twitter. had to face.

On October 17, Hayat tweeted, “From labor to politician who indulges in divisive narratives and puts politics above communal harmony, he is indeed contributing to our own weakness. Be an example of unity and diversity. Learn to celebrate. Remember, ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’. #Unity”

Noting Hayat’s public admiration for PM Imran Khan in the past, a user commented on the above tweet saying, “Your leader has always divided the political fraternity to gain ground through false propaganda and deceit “

In the PM’s defence, Hayat called the citizens ‘jahil avam’, which the PM completes. He wrote, “Our’ PM is a part of the political landscape of this country. Why would we expect him to behave differently from the rest when he has to cater to a goth who really wants the show to be what people should be first? Be the change they demand from their leaders.”

Criticizing his liberal views of not holding the leadership accountable for not expecting the best from the government, but putting the onus of change on the public, another user pointed out that if celebrities like Rohail speak truth to power, they will change. can bring

The user tweeted that celebrities support the government and added that “Rohail is a living example of this. He doesn’t know the suffering of the poor, especially during this regime.”

To this Hayat claimed that he interacts with poor people and is aware of poverty around the world. In his tweet, he questioned whether people knew anything about him, “I interact with poorer people than most people will ever imagine. I also know the poverty around the world. We have There is so much to be thankful for and all people who are grateful. To God, be blessed and content. How do you know anything about me? Imagination?

Another user expressed dismay at Hayat calling the people of his country ‘goth’ and tweeted, “No need to ‘know’ about someone who has actually called the people of this country ‘goth’. Introduced.”

To this Hayat insisted on the same and labeled the people of Pakistan as “super goth” and “self-defeating”.

Simultaneously, meanwhile, a user replied to her thread questioning her “first-hand encounter with poverty around the world” and asked her to elaborate further on her conversation with the poor.

What comes next is a take that received a backlash for ignorance and privilege.

In response, Hayat wrote, “I can go on but I hope you get the drift. I’m not saying being poor isn’t hard, but being rich can be hard at times. Individual as a whole Depends on the mindset of. experiencing that state.”

In an effort to justify his views, the music producer made things worse by sticking to his stance about poverty, indicating that the poor felt more secure than the rich who “hid behind forts”. Compare it to those laborers who sleep carelessly and peacefully.

“At least they don’t need guards to feel safe and hide behind a fort, yet wake up at the slightest noise. Always afraid what will happen to them. Have you ever seen a laborer sleeping? One The gunshot won’t wake him. Ups and downs on both sides of the fence,” he wrote.

He elaborates on the thread, talking about the joy and gratitude expressed by people who supposedly cannot end, but the mass media creates an “illusion” of a “negative world” for us. His statement is inconsistent with poverty as a financial instability but calls it an illusion.

“Plus, happiness is relative. For every chap you see on the news crying that they can’t make ends meet, there are people who are surprisingly grateful,” he wrote.

In light of the press coverage on his regressive and problematic comments, Hyatt decided to “reserve” his views “regarding professionalism”.

Well, there was not much left to say after his views received a lot of criticism on Twitter.

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