Succession season 3 premiere episode: The series’ strongest opening act

Succession Season 3 poster (Photo Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Succession Season 3 poster (Photo Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Spoiler ahead.

I read this on Twitter and it spoke to my soul: “The audacity of the ‘skip intro’ button to show my face during the succession theme music”. Nicolas Brittel has done the same thing with the music of Succession that the writers have done along the lines: Show the world how it’s done. The deeply addictive score, with a sublimely repetitive quality, casts a spell on you as you enter the purely wicked and brutally funny world of the Roy family. Nothing cries louder in a fan’s heart than the opening notes of their favorite show’s theme music, one they’ve waited two years to return. That familiar plunky-plank of piano hitting high notes, just as Season 3 is about to premiere—but you don’t know anything just yet.

Like the first two seasons, the opening episode of the third season picks up right where we left off—after Kendall (Jeremy Strong) takes her father, the formidable Logan Roy (Brian Cox), to a press conference, when He implicates he was arrested on charges of sexual assault and criminal misconduct against the executives of Vestar Royco. No one even had a moment to breathe – the family split in a jiffy, although not exactly from the middle. While Logan has his own circle of advisors with Roman (Kieran Culkin), Shiva (Sarah Snook) and Gerry (Jay Smith Cameron) plotting their next move, Kendall is referred to as “cousin Greg” (Nicholas). Braun), who may be the toast of the succession town, but to Royce he’s no more than that awkward second cousin, forever second-guessing and desperately wanting to get involved. Neither the father nor the son of the team has any strategy. But when Logan is blindsided by Kendall’s “decent move,” to someone who tarnished her father’s reputation on national television, Kendall appears completely unprepared, just like you would be from her. would expect.

He loses his PR head Karolina within a minute of leaving the parking lot, when she points him to the impossible situation he’s in — riding in a company vehicle trying to take the company down, all the while. Minutes after violating privacy clauses. His plan to “put the off** king flag” at the Westar office also goes out the window when he learns that his access has been blocked. Then to whom does he go? His estranged wife, Rava (Natalie Gould), whom he seems to be hungry for admiration. Her living room turns into a meeting room for Kendall and her lawyers and media consultants—shortly after Greg announces he hires a team for the latter, “The Pope followed you… “, to correct myself with only “…not”, it’s the pope, it’s not the pope”.

She may have aimed for her father, but Kendall’s strategy appears to sound similar to her brother Roman’s love life at this point. Even his father’s f-bomb-laden empty screams carry more weight than Kendall’s plans. Jeremy Strong lives up to this character’s tense energy, which can explode at any minute. He bothers you. In fact, to quote Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, he makes “coffee nervous.” But such is the magic of the show, that we keep hoping Kendall will do it right this time, while really hoping she won’t. This will get succession fans. We are very bent.

The sexual tension between Gerry and Roman shows signs of intensifying, especially as he is crowned CEO. Even as she continues to stifle her progress, Roman easily quips, “I’ll lay you down badly but I’ll make you lie down happily”. Only Roman, played with charming irreverence by Kieran Culkin, could pull off something like this. When you least expect it, he continues to flaunt his playful nature, exhibiting extreme outspokenness. “Maybe you cut her into a million pieces and throw her in the Hudson” comes her good advice on how Logan should legally deal with Kendall. However, it seems that his soft spot for Gerry may cost “Romulus” the CEO chair; We still don’t know if it’s a “play”. I find Roman the most unexpected of the Roy siblings; It is almost as if he himself does not know what he will do next; So we don’t dare to guess. At the other end of the table, Shiva’s eyes widen and WTF stare as his father gives him reason enough, but it looks like he’s finally sick of playing Logan’s work girl. But is that enough for her to join Team Kendall? Well, when has he ever thought in a straight line?

It was so satisfying to see Gerry become CEO in this boardroom fight. Many a lone level-headed man, who seems to be sprinkling normalcy for an obscene display of wealth and privilege. In a sea of ​​conniving, back-stabbing characters, she seems to be the voice of reason—even if she’s no less clever. I can’t wait to see how she swings the power chair.

This brilliantly written episode has many extraordinary lines, a true succession signature. “If your hands are clean, it’s only because your brothel does manicures”, Logan axes Carl’s self-righteous claims in half. Even as he tries to “strategy,” Kendall tells Greg, “I might need you to slide the socio-political thermometer over the country’s ass and read,” and Greg With it does what anyone does, as instructed. nothing. Plus, Greg shouting “no comment” to a predatory press is pure Gregg-Gold – what a find, Nicholas Braun! But where the episode hits a twisted high is when Greg, in all his high school enthusiasm, says, “It’s like OJ… except OJ never killed anyone”, to which Kendall flashes an evil grin. Mune: “Who says I haven’t killed anyone?” Moments like this tell you that season three means business.

The only drawback to this episode is that Tom and Greg don’t get along, but it also means the buildup is getting more exciting – can’t wait for “Tomlet”, right? But, all “action stations” are shrinking. Will Kendall “self-destruct” according to Roman prophecies? He doesn’t seem to have all that confidence and we know what happens when Kendall feels confident. Where will Shiva and Roman find themselves in this crazy dance? Will Logan have the last laugh…erm…last roar? Or will it be a rule of “Greg, Egg”?

If Succession Wester had been Royco Tower, the first episode, called “Section”, would be the penthouse. I look forward to seeing how they climb from here. Truly, the sky is the limit for creator Jesse Armstrong and his talented writers.

Last season, there was a moment when Kendall’s drug friend Naomi Pierce told her, after being ‘ejected’, “watching you guys melt is the most deeply satisfying activity on planet Earth”. She may have spoken for fans as well, as there will be no other guilty pleasures over the next eight Sunday nights.

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