Some stories deserve to be told again: Dhamaka director Ram Madhvani

Screengrab from the official trailer of Kartik Aaryan starrer Dhamaka (Photo: via youtube/@netflixindia)

Screengrab from the official trailer of Kartik Aaryan starrer Dhamaka (Photo: via youtube/@netflixindia)

Director Ram Madhvani on Tuesday said he hopes his upcoming film Dhamaka, a Hindi retelling of South Korean film The Terror Live, is a good adaptation that lives up to its source material.

Dhamaka is billed as a human drama thriller that follows the story of Arjun Pathak, an aspiring ex-news anchor, played by Kartik Aaryan, who needs another chance to go live on prime-time television. given when a terrorist calls him with a bomb threat.

When asked about the similar explosion of The Terror Live (2013) and if the adoption of Asian films is a risky proposition because of the reach of people streamers, Madhvani said that it was not enough for him to do justice to the original film. was about.

The director, who co-wrote Dhamaka with Puneet Sharma, said, “How many times have you seen Ramayana and Shakespeare’s plays? Some stories are worth retelling and I think those adaptations make sense because they allow us to reach a new generation. allow.” , told reporters here at the trailer launch of the upcoming film.

“When you look at something again there’s probably a sense of excitement. It also depends on whether it’s a good adaptation or not, we hope it’s a good adaptation. We respect that work. who have come to us and it is very different,” Madhvani said.

It is about a filmmaker’s point of view about a story, said Aryan.

The actor said, “…when you are an Indian there is also a cultural difference. Every filmmaker has a point of view.”

Madhvani said the blast is “not about journalism”, but the media serves as a backdrop to the conspiracy.

“We have seen photographers stand without food and water for two-three hours and it is an incredible job you are doing.

He said, “It is the story of a human drama. It is an emotional story… about an ambitious man and the things that you gain and lose as you climb the ladder of success.”

Actress Mrunal Thakur, who plays a journalist in the film, says acting in Dhamaka is a dream come true moment for her as she was doing journalism before entering the world of glamor.

“I always wanted to be a crime journalist. As an actor working with Ram, I got an opportunity to work with him as he is my dream director to work with. The minute I got this opportunity, I wanted to make it work.

“As a journalist there are many responsibilities regarding field reporting. So I watched a lot of videos and did research, we had workshops. It is very hard work. Every day was risky but this role to discover many things It was very important for me. The dream which was not fulfilled in my college, it happened through Dharam.”

Dhamaka, starring Amrita Subhash, is set to premiere on Netflix on November 19.

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