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    You Season 3 Review: The Boredom of Joe and Luv’s Suburban Life Leads to Messy, Convenient Murders

    You: Season 3 poster. (Photo Credits: Netflix)

    You: Season 3 poster. (Photo Credits: Netflix)

    Spoilers ahead.

    Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) are eventually married with an adorable little child, Henry ‘Forty’ Quinn-Goldberg, and they move to the posh suburbs of Madre Linda, Calif. decide to. For Netflix Series Use Season 3.

    A few minutes into the first episode, and who has already lost interest in his wife, ‘soulmate’ and the mother of his child, Love, finding a new passion, Natalie Angler (Michael McManus), her neighbor, a distant, Bored wife of a tech mogul. Soon, Joe is fantasizing about her, sipping wine with her and coming closer to having an affair with her until she quickly realizes: he is trying to be a better husband and father. is doing, he doesn’t want Henry to be like him.

    But as his obsession begins, Love finds out, and quickly axes Natalie, leaving Joe to clean up her very messy murder. The next ten episodes are then one unnecessary murder after another, and somehow surprisingly no one catches on. Season three also brings back “The Cage” from seasons one and two, almost as if the couple prepares that more murders are inevitably going to happen.

    With the death of Natalie, Joe decides he can’t let his passions take hold any more, as love will kill them, but that is until he falls for his boss, Marianne (Tati Gabriel), Joe has gone through the foster care system and as Joe vows never to disappoint his wife and child, he returns to fantasize about Marianne and give in to her inner demons. Is.

    Joe’s silliness and narcissism seep into every scene of the show: his cynical remarks of the people around him, his relentlessly sacrilegious every move of everyone with his own murderous tendencies, his distorted fantasies, his shockingly saccharine squabbles for his latest goal. judging with oblivion wherever he wants to go, even in the parking lot, watching his boss Marianne (his last fantasy) after losing custody of his daughter and lending an ear to the conversation instead of lending an ear to him Pulling back to his gloomy childhood, and best of all, constantly believing that he is so much better and different from love, even though they are mirror images of each other. While his character makes anyone feel weird, therefore washing his hands in his bloody T-shirt immediately after committing a murder, it shows that most people are completely oblivious to their own faults, hence labeling everyone else. It’s quick to be ‘weird’ and ‘messy’, without realizing its flaws. It does a great job of showing how often people tend to project their own flaws onto others.

    Love’s character is as hysterical and impulsive as ever, killing Natalie, starting a public screaming fight with Joe while they are in the middle of disposing of a body, admitting to killing Natalie in the ‘swing’. ‘ in the middle of the session with her “best friend” Sherry (Shalita Grant) and her husband Carrie Conrad (Travis Van Winkle), Natalie’s 19-year-old stepson, Theo (Dylan Arnold), takes a steam in the middle of a park having sex sessions full of. She often makes loud and violent verbal and physical outbursts, always wondering why she is not happy despite everything, believing that she needs to protect everyone in her life and the only way to do this is to control. And there’s murder, and in the middle of it try to go from bored housewife and try to get her back on the ‘Wild Girls’ stage. She constantly needs confirmation of Joe’s love, and like her husband, she’s completely oblivious to her own dysfunction, from her “malicious b*tch” mother to her “monster” best friend Sherry. Calling everyone. However, it is interesting to see how the couples go about their day so casually after the murder and disposing of bodies, having dinner and sex as if it was just another Tuesday.

    If there was anything in the entire ten-episode series that really stuck with me, it was a statement made by one of the most annoying and shallow characters. You wouldn’t expect such deep insight from momfluencer Sherry Conrad ( ) about what love really is, when Love Quinn admits she doesn’t think that Joe is her soul mate, Sherry insisted on one of my favorite lines. Giving said how the soul mates are bullshit. From the show, “Love is mostly just chemicals, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin. To activate all three, exercise, eat some protein, have eight hugs a day. When you’re happy and healthy, you can make real choices.” And that includes choosing your life partner.” Soulmates and love are concepts that people often fail to understand, and which, right at the beginning of the show, say, “What happens after happiness?” And it’s interesting that the show gets the shallow, mominfluencing, polyamorous, swinging diva to put it all away forever.

    The series is by far my least favorite of all seasons: The chases happen, the distractions make your skin crawl and the killing is messy and unplanned. How does one cover this kind of stuff in such a small town? Just a little too convenient. The series includes some seriously messy messages, “marriage brings out the worst in you”, and how people in marriage and the suburbs have become bored with murder, mutilations, and shambles.

    I fail to understand what the underlying message of the season was, not that the first two had any, but at least there was some logic behind the murders, these just seem too hacky. The murders, plot and general story all sounded similar to the first two seasons, with the addition of cities, themes, and the addition of Baby Henry. It’s worth watching if you’re a fan of the show, and the actors do a great job of manipulating their mentally unstable onscreen versions, not to mention that funny narration that always wins me over. In the end, you season 3 ends with a borderline crisis and extremely upsetting, especially since it looks like you can literally get away with murder if you have the money and you’re white.

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