One Mic Stand: Karan Johar says he is not a person to ‘laugh out loud’

Karan Johar was keen on the idea of ​​doing comedy on the ONC mic stand. Image Credit: Twitter/ @karanjohar

Karan Johar was keen on the idea of ​​doing comedy on the ONC mic stand. Image Credit: Twitter/ @karanjohar

Filmmaker Karan Johar says unlike many in the film industry, he can poke fun at himself and that is why he was thrilled with the challenge of making others laugh at his jokes in the second season of Amazon’s unscripted comedy original. a mic stand.

Even though he’s not a real-life laughter, the director-producer admits to being “nervous, anxious and excited” about his debut as a stand-up comic.

“It’s so ironic and funny but I’m not laughing myself. Even when people tell me a really funny script or comedy, I always give them a disclaimer that I don’t laugh out loud I just don’t laugh. Even when I watch comedy, I just look at it with a straight face.

“But I’ve always been concerned about what the experience would be like if I were on stage and actually being a comic myself, because I’m not laughing, but would I be able to make people laugh?” Johar told PTI in an interview.

Known for directing blockbusters Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, My Name is Khan and Ae Dil Haal Mushkilas well as producing a series of hits such as Kal Ho Na Ho, Dostana, Wake Up Sid, Kapoor & Sons and Raazi, the filmmaker has been a frequent presence on stage at various award functions and reality shows as a host.

As a multifaceted film personality, Johar said that he saw One Mic Stand as an “experience and yet another challenge” in his career spanning nearly two-and-a-half decades.

“I think I’m funny. I believe I am, but doing a stand up set piece is a whole new ballgame,” he said.

Johar, 49, said the show, set to premiere on October 22 on Prime Video, will be more about “me, my life, my personality, my issues, my worries, my fears, my insecurities, my pluses and minuses”. Focusing on other people.

Hinting at his controversial involvement with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in the ‘AIB Knockout’ roast in 2015, Johar said that he has already “burned my fingers once in an incident like this and I don’t want to repeat it again.” “.

That’s why some types of topics will be off-limits, he said.

“Overall, I believe that we should be very sensitive towards our environment. We should be, as citizens of our country it is our duty to be sensitive to many things.

“I believe very strongly that sometimes humor is not the platform to raise many issues. You know you can’t take some things lightly and make jokes and think that in the name of jokes, You can get away with it.” she added.

However, the director said that he is someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

“I can take a joke on myself but I believe a lot of people can’t. I think we’re in an industry full of very sensitive people like you can’t go on stage and their Can’t say anything about humor.

“If a joke is told in the right spirit and without the intention of hurting you, I think you should take the joke in the right spirit and I am totally capable of that. I can take it personally ‘I can take it on stage, I can take it with someone else’s interview. In the larger scheme of things, artists, like everyone else, are “small parts of this larger universe” and it is pointless to take themselves too seriously, Johar said.

“I don’t take myself seriously because I believe we are all really like small parts of this larger universe so we can’t take ourselves seriously because our surroundings are so big on a daily basis, Better, stronger, more ambitious things are happening,” he said.

a mic standHosted by Sapan Varma, the show will feature celebrities like Johar, actor Sunny Leone, rapper Raftaar, writer Chetan Bhagat and news anchor Faye D’Souza as contestants. He will be mentored by popular comedians including Samay Raina, Neeti Palta, Atul Khatri and Abish Mathew.

Johar, whose mentor is Sumukhi Suresh, said that he has always been a fan of the comic and his hit Amazon show Pushpavalli. The filmmaker credits Suresh and Varma for helping them through “the beats of the process”.

He believes that stand-up comedy has come a long way in India, with new comics being created and nurtured within the country’s pop culture, finding a platform through streaming platforms and live shows. Used to be.

“I think it’s becoming a real blue new age phenomenon of entertainment and a new realm of entertainment. Because it’s so tied to today’s pop culture, I’m going to try that bandwagon in my own little way.” Wanted to be a part.” Before the start of the show, Johar said that he would continue to worry about the quality of his jokes and whether he manages to make room of strangers laugh.

“I’ve hosted, I can’t even remember how many shows and have been a part of so many shows. I’m never worried about the audience, no matter how many people, but in this particular time, it’s a different ball. The game is because you’re not forced to be funny every time.

He said, “This time there is full pressure on you to do comedy. And if your jokes don’t work then nothing can be more sad than this. I hope comedy will come or it will be a tragedy.” .

The first season of the show in 2019 included YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, film composer Vishal Dadlani, actors Taapsee Pannu and Richa Chadha and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor as participants.

The sophomore season, to be launched as part of Prime Video’s festive line-up for 2021, will premiere globally in 240 countries and territories.

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