Ranvir Shorey is rich in versatility, said- ‘Never wanted to be a hero’

Ranvir Shorey says his career is built on independent alternative films. (Photo Credits: Instagram/ranveershori)

Ranvir Shorey says his career is built on independent alternative films. (Photo Credits: Instagram/ranveershori)

Actor Ranvir Shorey, known for his unique filmography like Lakshya, Bheja Fry and Khosla Ka Ghosla, says he is in the “game” of playing different human beings in different situations. With the advent of OTT (over-the-top) platforms in India, the 49-year-old actor said that he is happy to play a wide range of roles in shows or films that are releasing on the digital space. Some of his works on the streaming platform include films like Metro Park, Sunflower, Rangbaaz, Hasmukh, Parivaar, Bombers and Kadak, Lootcase.

“I never wanted to be the protagonist or the lead person doing the same thing in every film. I want to do different roles and be a different person in different situations. That’s my game. And that’s my challenge,” and added, “The streaming platform has been a blessing for people like me because there are different stories and characters being thrown in and that’s what I want. I’m happy. After all, I A resume is what I want and when I’m dead, they’ll be able to see what I was trying to achieve,” Shourie told PTI in an interview.

Drawing a similarity between cinema and OTT, the actor said that it is a constant struggle for him to find a place to watch his work by the audience on the big screen, something which is not a concern on the digital medium. “For me, in films, my career is built on independent alternative films. The struggle will continue in the theater system, between the big players trying to find a place in theatres. That struggle will continue once the theaters open.”

He said, “With OTT you have a platform to reach your audience without a theatre. Earlier there was no other way than theatre, which had a fixed number of shows, a certain number of people controlled it and exploited it. It was difficult for younger players to step into it.” .

He believes that streaming platforms are far more ‘democratic’ in nature and there is no difference between the runtime of small or big films. “If a big film is coming up, then a small film will not be thrown out. The short film will be on stage, they coexist. The audience will decide which movie to watch, they can turn a small film into a big one or vice versa. That is the boon.”

Shourie’s next outing on OTT is Tabbar, directed by Ajitpal Singh, which has garnered appreciation for his short Rammat Gamat and debut feature Fire in the Mountains. The show was released on 15 October on SonyLIV.

Set in Jalandhar, the eight-episode show traces the journey of a retired police constable played by Pawan Malhotra, who pushes boundaries to save his family from the consequences of an unfortunate incident and ends up with a heart at heart. Promises a memorable thriller. Rural Punjab.

Shourie, who plays the main antagonist Ajit Sodhi in Tabaar, said he was aware of Singh’s critically acclaimed work and was looking forward to collaborating with him. He said, “It’s a well-rounded character with its own character arc. Ajit Sodhi is a businessman transitioning into politics, he has his own family, a back story and it’s a twist of belief that these two Families get confused.” .

The actor said that he was initially quite nervous about playing the character. “It’s always a struggle to get into a character, especially in the beginning… Then gradually, you learn to walk, talk, behave, get the character’s wants and aspirations and as you progress You gather confidence.” Produced by Jar Pictures, Tabbar has an ensemble cast including Supriya Pathak, Gagan Arora and Kanwaljit Singh.

Asked if he is worried about over-exposure on digital platforms, Shourie said only big stars or ‘one who does the same thing in each film’ are concerned. He said, “For people like me or my co-star Pawan Malhotra on Tabbar, we try to create a new character with every project, so it is over-exposure because you are not the same person. watching,” he said.

The actor’s next projects include Hustle with Sanjay Mishra, Salman Khan-starrer Tiger 3, a film with Bheja Fry co-star Rajat Kapoor, director Manish Gupta’s IPC 420 and Santosh Sivan’s Mumbaikar.

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