Kapil Sharma opens up about his spinal injury, says pain leads to behavior change

Kapil Sharma opened up about his spinal injury. Photo via Instagram, @kapilsharma

Kapil Sharma opened up about his spinal injury. Photo via Instagram, @kapilsharma

On Saturday, on the occasion of World Spine Day, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma opened up about his back injury for which he made headlines in February and even had to call off his show. The actor revealed in a video that he was suffering from debilitating back pain which left him lying on the bed.

In a video shared by paparazzi Viral Bhayani, the actor said, “I had pain for the first time in 2015 and I was not aware of it. I was in the US at that time. A doctor gave me an epidural and I felt pain. , but the problem remained there. The point of the spine is that it is the root of everything. Any problem with the spine means everything comes to a standstill.”

He further added, “In January 2021 I had to face it again. I had a lot of plans but I had to put everything on hold. I had to take my show off-air due to injury. This pain makes you change your behaviour. , you start feeling helpless because you can’t get out of bed. And then people start telling you that lying down all the time will make you gain weight. You should start liquid diet. A person is already in pain and Somebody gives you a salad, eat it, your pain has doubled. I have suffered a lot.”

The actor-comedian was seen on a wheel chair at the Mumbai airport this February. She made headlines for making inappropriate comments on a photographer who tried to ask her the reason behind using a wheelchair, and clicked her pictures. That controversy did not go down well with many Internet users. At that time, it was only revealed that Kapil had suffered a back injury, for which he was on a wheel chair.

It was on October 16, when the actor elaborated on his injury and suffering, asking others to pay attention to his body.

After closing his show earlier this year, the actor returned in August with a new set and fresh faces.

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