IATSE defers strike after closure of settlement; AMPTP agrees to most demands

IATSE deferred strike as AMPTP agrees to its demands. Photo via Instagram @iatseIATSE deferred strike as AMPTP agrees to its demands. Photo via Instagram @iatse

After months of negotiations and 60,000 votes in favor of the strike, the IATSE and AMPTP have finally closed a deal, averting one of the largest strikes in Hollywood history. According to a report in Variety, negotiators from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees have reached an agreement for a new three-year contract.

“IATSE and Hollywood 13 locals have entered into a tentative agreement with AMPTP,” the union told members Saturday afternoon. “The strike is over!”

The report also suggested that the union sent a list of bullet points on the deal to its members. Points include 10-hour turnaround time between shifts, 54-hour weekend turnaround and 3% of pay increases for each of the next three years.

The deal includes further food penalties, better wages and working conditions for streaming production, and a “living wage” for the lowest-paid workers.

These were actually three demands of the union members who started an online campaign and protest to claim their basic rights to be in this profession.

IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb said in a statement, “It’s the end of Hollywood. Our members persevere. They’re tough and united … We stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the richest and most powerful entertainment and tech companies.” Went together. The world, and now we’ve reached an agreement with AMPTP that meets the needs of our members.”

Finally, workers will not have to extend their work from Friday to Saturday, ending the fraterday system of working.

However, many other details related to pension and health plans are yet to be disclosed.

According to reports, there are two contracts up for negotiation – the original agreement, which includes 13 Hollywood locals and the area standard agreement, which includes another 23 locals across the country. Although negotiations for the Area Standards Agreement have not been completed, the provisions are more or less the same as those of the Basic Agreement.

The strike was called off after the deal was closed.

Variety reported that a local message was sent to members advising that, “If you are booked on Monday, you should report to work as usual.”

The chairman of the IATSE had set the strike deadline at 12:01 pm on Monday if there was no agreement. The strike by IATSE members would have meant a halt to Hollywood production and would have been the first of its kind since its inception 128 years ago.

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