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    Aparna Sen on Rapist’s win at Busan Film Festival: One of the best moments of my life

    ‘The Rapist’ is a 2021 Indian Hindi drama film written and directed by Aparna Sen. (photo credit: @aparnasen/Instagram)

    ‘The Rapist’ is a 2021 Indian Hindi drama film written and directed by Aparna Sen. (photo credit: @aparnasen/Instagram)

    After a hiatus of four years, filmmaker Aparna Sen returned to the Hindi cinema industry with her directorial debut The Rapist. The film, starring Konkona Sen Sharma and Arjun Rampal, had its international premiere at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The film was nominated for the prestigious Kim Jacques Award in the festival’s A Window on Asian Cinema section and won the award.

    Excited by the win, the filmmaker told News18.com, “It’s one of the best moments of my life. The award has a special significance because I was in Busan as a jury member many years ago and I got to see Mr. Kim. Had the honor of meeting him personally when Donald Ritchie was president. He was a wonderful person and he was always so kind. He did so much for Asian cinema and brought it to a global stage. Hence an award named after him. It’s special to receive.”

    When asked if she expected to win, she replied, “I don’t think about these things. It’s not that I expected my film to win, but that’s always the expectation. And awards.” My hope of winning always comes true. The cast and crew who put in so much hard work and dedication, especially during the pandemic. This is a recognition of our hard work.”

    The National Award winning director reunited with his daughter, actress Konkona Sensharma for their new film ‘The Rapist’. When asked about working with her daughter, she said, “It’s embarrassing to praise your daughter, but as a filmmaker, I think she is a brilliant actress. She is any director’s dream actress. I just talked to him about the win and he is really happy.”

    “We try and explore something we haven’t done before,” she says, adding that every time they collaborate, she discovers some new part of her daughter as an actor. tries to install. She is always very uncomfortable during intimate scenes. I had warned him during production that there would be a moment like this in this film, and he looked at me and said, ‘Tum me this time dekho’ (laughs). And he did a fantastic job in rectifying the situation.

    Sen feels that in this day of OTT, where a picture online can gain global exposure, the allure of a film festival, which serves the same purpose, will never diminish. “When we see a film win an award at the BIFF, the Venice Film Festival or the Berlin Film Festival, we feel like giving it a watch. Audiences become more likely to see a film that has already won praise earned,” she says. .

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