Sachin Pilot suddenly arrived Saadat Hospital, Said This to PMO..

Newsinnovative. After the news of the plight of the only government Saadat Hospital and Janana Hospital in the district was shown on, there was a big impact when former Deputy Chief Minister and Tonk MLA Sachin Pilot suddenly arrived at Saadat Hospital and made a surprise inspection. .

Seeing the empty chairs of doctors and the crowd of patients in the outdoors, the pilot inquired about the condition of the patients. The relatives of the patients openly narrated their pain.

Pilot gave instructions to the collector
On the absence of doctors including PMO Dr. Khemraj Banshiwal, Pilot gave instructions to the Collector, then PMO Dr. Banshiwal rushed to the hospital gasping. When the PMO started clarifying, the pilot silenced him and while reprimanding him, he advised to listen to the pain of the victims. After this, MLA Pilot immediately spoke to the top officials of the Medical Department in Jaipur on the phone and instructed for action.

Promised to improve hospital arrangements

Before talking to the media, Pilot in his address also talked about the plight of the hospital and instructed the officials to take action. At the same time, despite talking to the media, he promised to get the hospital arrangements repaired in the coming days. Let us tell you that in Janana Hospital, where there was a power failure for about 55 minutes late in the night and a major accident could have happened, about 41 children were admitted in ICU at that time. But the PMO had said that this is not a big negligence, it is a minor matter.

The pilot made a surprise inspection and saw the situation

At the same time, had prominently shown the news of many problems including the patients not being taken on stretchers by ward by ward in Saadat Hospital, including taking them to the ward by the Timardars, doctors not sitting in the outdoors. After that, MLA Pilot made a surprise inspection and saw the situation. Now it is expected that soon a big action will be taken against the careless doctors of the hospital so that the public can get the benefit of the schemes of the state government.

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