Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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    These 10 Bollywood Stars Are Single Even After Crossing The Age Of 40 To 50 Years, Know What The Reason Is

    There are still a lot of single stars in the film industry who have done it at the age of 40, but even after this, it doesn’t seem like these stars are getting married anytime soon, so today we are telling you about some of these Bollywood actors. . and actresses. I am going to tell you who is very happy in his life even after being single.

    People have been waiting for Salman’s marriage for years, although the news of their relationship always makes the headlines, so far the actor has not married and it does not seem that Salman is willing to settle down, let us tell you that the actor once did this. . Until now it was said that “marriage is a waste of time”.


    Actress Tabu, who has worked in the film industry for several decades, is still single, although Tabu herself has spoken about her marriage, says she did not understand the concept of marriage but is ready for marriage, children and family . .

    Rahul bose

    Actor Rahul Bose does not have much faith in marriage and does not understand why it is necessary to get married. ‘

    Rahul khanna

    Handsome heartthrob Rahul Khanna is not yet married. Let us tell you that the actor is 49 years old but still girls die on him, but so far no news of his marriage has come to light.

    Abhay deol

    Sunny and Bobby Deol’s cousin brother Abhay Deol doesn’t think the concept of marriage is not for him, although he has been in a relationship with Monica Dogra, he is not yet married.

    Karan johar

    Film producer Karan Johar, who has done many love stories so far, has not married. Karan Johar believes that no one in the industry has had a happy marriage thus far.

    Akshaye khanna

    Akshaye Khanna, one of the talented Bollywood actors, has not even thought about marriage yet and says that he is not interested in getting married at all, if he believes, he is afraid of any kind of responsibility and still doubts. whether you will be able to take responsibility for your wife or child or not

    Ekta Kapoor

    Ekta Kapoor, a well known producer in the TV industry, has produced many popular TV shows and everything has happened on her shows up to marriage and divorce, but Ekta Kapoor herself is not married yet. Ekta once said that he doesn’t want to be bored and that he likes his job and he likes to have fun with his friends.

    Sushmita Sen

    Sushmita Sen, who has been Miss Universe, has also worked in Bollywood, for information, let us tell you that Sushmita has also adopted two children but has not yet married.

    Amisha Patel

    Ameesha Patel made her Bollywood debut with the movie ‘Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai’ and drove people crazy for it, although actress Ameesha Patel is not married either. Ameesha Patel said: “Find me a child. I’m about to get married. “

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