Stanley’s box was my gift to teachers, this movie was made about the teacher-student relationship – Amol Gupte

The mention of ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ definitely appears in the films that describe the relationship between teacher and student. Directed by Amol Gupte, the film was the story of all children who keep their spirits in the face of adversity. Amol Gupte also acted in this movie. He relived the memories related to this film dedicated to his school and teachers.

The movie ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ is very important to me. His main idea was hunger. We show in the film how the uniform hides hunger. What an important role the uniform plays in maintaining self-esteem and self-respect. If there is no uniform, the children of the rich wear different clothes at school and the poor separately. I wanted to show that the uniform eliminates all discrimination.

On June 15, 1969, I joined Holy Family High School in Mumbai. The director there, Ms. Asha Kapoor, had instilled in me a lot of confidence. He was proud of that school and he also had a debt that he had to pay off. After doing the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ as a creative director, I thought why not do an acting workshop for my school kids one day a week on Saturdays and once again join my childhood school. During that time the idea for the film also came up. Only three people lived in the entire workshop, me, the cameraman, and the sound recorder. Such a small crew is rarely seen in the production of a feature film, but I didn’t want to put the kids in a place where they would blush or freak out over the added frills.

Some of the teachers shown in the staff room in the movie were the ones who taught during my school days. As for my acting, which actor would have been ready to perform every Saturday for a year from 9 am to 1 pm, so I decided to act in the movie. When children used to get tired, I would tell the cameraman to now point the camera at me. During filming, he never used to reach the script. I used to just tell the story and the scene and say what you want to say, do what you want to do.

This is how we film their real emotions, real reactions, real gestures, and real boxes on film. During filming, the children used to bring boxes from their houses and they used to feed me with great fervor. There were two intervals in the set. In one I used to give them the box, in the other they used to give me the box. It was a privilege to come and eat the boxes from so many homes during the filming of the movie. My son, who played Stanley, was eight years old when we made the movie, but he used to accompany me to the workshop since he was three. so my

It was easy enough for him to manage. The movie is about Stanley and his box, so the movie couldn’t have had a simpler title than Stanley’s box. Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is my friend, when I showed him the first cut of the film, he suggested that I change the title to something like Dabba Gul, but I just wanted to show the story of the child, what is the plight of that child. I decided to title the movie ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ without getting caught up in the rhymes. I studied at Holy Family High School from elementary to seventh grade. The whole movie was shot at the same school. Hansraj Morarji from Class VIII

I entered public school. From where I got a trinity of teachers like my lord Nikum, lord Namvar and lord Parmar.

However, our cinema cannot show many children’s themes. It’s not that the public doesn’t want to see these kinds of movies. When movies like ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and ‘Hawa Hawaii’ were made, people saw them too. Film

Even in ‘Saina’, a quarter belongs to the younger Saina. In it, he has tried to talk about many topics ranging from gender equality to childhood. I have a special interest in children’s problems and their spontaneity. I have to make a movie about these issues.

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