The web series ‘The Red Land’ is a story of power and struggle, released on Haider Kazmi’s OTT platform ‘Mastani’

The web series 'The Red Land' is a story of power and struggle, released on Haider Kazmi's OTT platform 'Mastani'

Filmmaker and actor Haider Kazmi has launched the web series ‘The Red Land’ on his OTT Mastani platform. The web series describes the bloody consequences of the caste struggle in Purvanchal. Two dictators Bhai Amarpal Singh and Samarpal Singh ruled on their terms for more than three decades. This then begins with a young Ajit Yadav (who happens to be the son of his driver) fighting for caste, power, and the fight for power.

Who are the artists

It stars Abhimanyu Singh, Govind Namdev, Shaleen Bhanot, Flora Saini, and Dayashankar Pandey in the lead roles. Show how caste dominates in student politics, in this series. The director of the series is Vinay Srivastava. With the launch of this series, Haider Kazmi said that it has begun and that many more such meaningful and entertaining films are yet to come. There will also be movies of our products. We are also launching award-winning Hollywood movies and series in Hindi on Mastani.

Movies will be released on different topics.

Let me tell you that Haider Kazmi had said about Mastani that it will be a better platform for meaningful and progressive cinema. Here people can sit with the whole family and watch movies. Not only will our films be released on this platform, but these films will also find a place here, which has social and ideological concerns with entertainment.

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