Sonu Sood Calls for Free Education for Children Orphaned Due to COVID-19, Supports Priyanka Chopra

Sonu Sood Calls for Free Education for Children Orphaned Due to COVID-19, Supports Priyanka Chopra

Sonu Sood is the Bollywood celebrity who has been most influenced by her thinking and work on the tragedy of the Corona virus pandemic. From bringing migrant workers home to trying to bring people medicine and oxygen in the current circumstances, Sonu has set an example with her willingness. Now he has taken the initiative to care for children orphaned by the Kovid-19 epidemic, in which he has joined Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka supported Sonu’s vision and appealed to state and central governments to investigate it.

On Monday, Priyanka shared a video of Sonu on Twitter, in which she said that the state and central governments must establish a rule under which the free school-to-university education of children who have made Kovid-19 lost to his parents for that. Sonu called for creating a system for families who have lost a family member to earn a living.

Priyanka shared this video of Sonu with a note, in which she spoke about this vision of her fellow artist. On this note, Priyanka wrote: Have you ever heard of the visionary social worker? My partner Sonu Sood is the same. They think about the future and plan for it. Think about this carefully, because its effect is long-lasting and involves children. Many Kovid-19 horror stories are about children who have lost both or one of their parents. Because of this obstruction, your education may be stopped.

Priyanka further wrote: I am impressed by this critical analysis of Sonu. Sonu Khas has found a solution to this problem in his style, which should be implemented. According to Sonu’s council, both the state and central governments should offer free education to these children. Wherever they are in the educational stage, from there to higher education and professional education. It should not be stopped for financial reasons. Priyanka in her note also asked competent people to take care of the education of these children. In the end, Priyanka, in accordance with Sonu’s advice, said to work on her own.

Let me tell you that the discussion about Sonu Sood’s work on the Corona virus pandemic is going on at the international level and foreign media have spoken to him about it. Sonu has been active in this since the last lockdown.

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