Photos: ‘Kanta Laga Girl’ Shefali Jariwala shared photos in nightgown, fans said: ‘Beautiful’

Photos: 'Kanta Laga Girl' Shefali Jariwala shared photos in nightgown, fans said: 'Beautiful'

Shefali Jariwala, popularly known as ‘Kanta Laga Girl’, is in discussion with her latest photographs. She continues to increase the heat of the Internet with her photos the day that comes. Now his hot avatar fans really liked it. Along with this, Shefali has also given a special message. (Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)


In the picture, Shefali is in bed. She wears a nightgown and poses in a different style. (Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)


Due to the Corona era, Shefali is also giving a special message to fans that they must be safe. He said that this time too will pass quickly. (Photo: Instagram / shefalijariwala)


Shefali wrote in the caption with her images: ‘Breath. It’s just a bad day, not a whole bad life. This too shall pass. ‘(Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)


In this photo of Shefali, a fan wrote: ‘He seems to be 21 years old.’ Another wrote: ‘Fair lady’. A user writes, ‘Precious’. (Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)


Shefali published a few days ago this photo of him in which he appears on a black night trail. Its beauty is seen only in this. (Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)


Shefali Jariwala is rumored to be seen on the stunt show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. However, his official information has yet to be revealed. (Photo: instagram / shefalijariwala)

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