Coronavirus: Sonu Sood expresses pain from lack of oxygen in India, actor said- ‘My country needs oxygen’

Coronavirus: Sonu Sood expresses pain from lack of oxygen in India, actor said- 'My country needs oxygen'

The second wave of the Coronavirus has kept the country’s problems on the rise. The country’s health system has also collapsed. In many hospitals, there are shortages of drugs, oxygen and beds for the coronavirus. There is such a shortage of all these things in the country right now that India has to ask its friendly countries for help. At the same time, many Bollywood stars are also doing their best to help people suffering from the coronavirus.

One of them is the famous and veteran film actor Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood has been helping poor, needy and troubled people for over a year. He is willing to help people in every way, but Sonu Sood considers himself defenseless due to the lack of oxygen in many hospitals in the country. They also keep telling fans about this through social media.

In such situation, he has also faced a lot of trouble to help people. At the same time, Sonu Sood’s pain has spilled over into India due to lack of oxygen. He has reacted to the lack of oxygen in India on social media. Sonu Sood is very active on social media. He also keeps sharing special posts to stay connected with his fans.

Sonu Sood wrote on his official Twitter account about the lack of oxygen in India: “My country needs oxygen.” With this tweet, he folded his hands and put an emoji of the flag of India. This tweet from Sonu Sood is getting more and more viral on social media. Fans of the actor are liking his tweet. Also giving your comments by commenting.

Earlier, Sonu Sood was in the news for criticizing neighboring China for lack of oxygen. Someone tagged Sonu Sood and told them that hundreds of oxygen concentrators were to be brought from China to India, but that China is creating obstacles. At the time, what was Sonu tweeting, and what was it asking directly from China? In her tweet, Sonu Sood writes that ‘we are trying to bring hundreds of oxygen concentrators to India. Sad to say, China has blocked many of our shipments and lives are ending every minute here in India. I ask @China_Amb_India @MFA_China to help us clear the way for our shipments so that we can save people’s lives. Sonu Sood has also tagged the Chinese Ambassador to India and the Ministry of the Chinese country with this tweet.

At the same time, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong wrote ‘Mr. Sood got information from his Twitter. China will fully assist in the battle of India from Kovid 19. According to my information, all cargo flight routes from China to India are normal. In the last two weeks, the cargo flights between China and India are working properly. ‘

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